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Four tips for mitigating risk of cyber crime


A data breach can lead to terrible consequences for you and your customers. Despite the risks, some firms still view cyber crimes as random events. Russell Walker gives four tips for mitigating the risk of cyber crime.


Follow the cyber Silk Road


Cyber marketplace. Digital bazaar. What do you call an underground shopping center of tutorials on fraud methods – hacking social media sites, obtaining anonymous bank accounts, trafficking in counterfeit currency and acquiring stolen credit card information? Law enforcement uses a combination of boots on the street and analytics to catch the cyber criminals – both “shoppers” and “store keepers.”


Big data offers big protection from cybercriminals

Ellen Joyner Robinson

Digging into your big data to find and stop potential cybercriminals requires real-time, event-driven behavior analytics and the ability to link new threat alerts to existing suspicious cases

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The growing threat of enterprise-class fraud

picture of people walking

In spite of the high priority given to fraud, financial crime and security risks, traditional approaches to dealing with such risks are proving to be insufficient. That’s where a more holistic approach comes in.

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Data visualization meets cyber crime

data visualization

Big data can be a bad thing – if you can’t see the knowledge locked inside. That is particularly important when you are trying to see possible relationships and linkages. Cyber security is an area where data visualization technology would help uncover those linkages in a way that everyone can understand, even those without a statistics degree.

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