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Why banks struggle with counterparty risk management

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To make an impact, counterparty exposures, risk sensitivities and trading events must be monitored intraday, and CVA must be allocated in near real time as trades are executed. The requirement to deal with counterparty risk in near real-time creates significant difficulties for many banks. Jeff Hasmann examines the difficulties and solution.

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Effective CVA a necessity for banks


The continuing troubles in the Eurozone, combined with the widespread downgrading of sovereign debt, have resulted in a loss of faith in the ability of nation states to fulfill their obligations. Banks subsequently have been developing sophisticated methodologies to cope with the increase in counter-party risk. The credit valuation adjustment is central to good counter-party credit risk management.

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Big data improves speed, accuracy and automation for credit lenders

Data for risk management - 2012

Credit lending is a fast-paced business that relies on large amounts of customer and transaction data. Rex Pruitt, Premier Bankcard, discusses how high-performance analytics can help meet the challenges of today’s lender.

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Five key challenges in credit risk modelling

Iain Brown, Analytics Specialist, SAS

Iain Brown, Analytics Specialist at SAS, has highlighted five challenges that he believes still hamper firms in their credit risk modelling efforts. He’d like for you to read through the list and then tell him challenges you encounter with regards to your model development and validation, and what improvements you would like to see. This is a great place to collaborate.

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A catalog of risk

catalog of risk_lrg

With potentially hundreds of identifiable risks, dealing with them may seem daunting. Let’s break it into more manageable categories. Gary Cokins has labeled four alternative types to help in your organization’s understanding of enterprise risk management.

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Rethinking 2012 lending strategy

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The New York Times reports that the CFPB has launched a page to allow consumers complaints about their mortgages. Does this affect your lending and restructuring strategy in 2012? How are you planning institutional lending and restructuring in 2012 in the face stagnate economic growth? Check out our white paper about innovative credit risk products.

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Credit risk re’modelling’ for competitive advantage

Iain Brown, Analytics Specialist, SAS

As firms continue their search for a balance between capital requirements and competitive advantage, Iain Brown, Analytics Specialist at SAS, asks, “Could the financial sector do more with their models if they borrowed innovation from elsewhere?”


How to develop today’s credit risk management framework

Waynette Tubbs, Editor

In light of the shortcomings uncovered in the past three years, banks are now finding that a flexible and integrated approach to risk management is required for a more reliable picture of the bank. Find out how successful financial services firms are optimizing and streamlining processes for risk management across their credit portfolios.

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Real-time credit decisioning with embedded predictive analytics


Real-time decision making is no longer a luxury, it’s a necessity — especially for financial firms. In this webinar, experts from Capital One and SAS will share how you can make quick, consistent and reliable decisions about credit risk and credit access while reducing risk and loss exposure.

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How criminal enterprises out-network financial institutions

Chris Swecker

Boundless networking opportunities and a low risk of prosecution have led to increasing numbers of fraudsters. According to expert Chris Swecker, this trend can’t be stopped by law enforcement. Read his article and watch his webinar to learn what you can do.

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