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Why do fraud programs fall short?


In spite of the high priority given to fraud, financial crime and security risks, traditional approaches to dealing with such risks are proving to be insufficient. Investigators aren’t getting the full picture of a customer and the issues – an investigator in the credit card investigations department might not realize there’s a case on that same person in another department. What’s the answer?

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One step ahead of fraudsters

Insider fraud

Today’s fraudsters always seem to be one step ahead of investigators, so John York, Doris Wong and Dan Zaratsian from SAS wrote a SAS Global Forum paper to show that fraud investigators CAN get the upper hand. In this post, you get the paper and additional information from John York in a video interview.

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More ACH payments, more chances for fraud

David Stewart

While ACH payments were once considered low risk, they have attracted the attention of criminals who use the high volume and relative anonymity of such transactions to commit fraud on a growing scale. Read more to find out how to reduce fraud losses.

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