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Data visualization tackles the big data obstacles to anti-terrorism efforts

shadowy image of a criminal

Effective terrorists of the future will know how to hide and act using technology and data. Data visualization will help predict their moves – even of those who are data savvy.

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Why big data analytics holds the key to tackling the changing terror threat

Magnifying Glass

Everyone leaves a data footprint behind to follow – bank accounts, travel patterns, phone records and online activity. That sounds useful. You could just sift through all of that to find the next terrorist. Right? Sounds good on paper, but that is a lot of data – really big data. The advantage of advanced analytics is that you don’t need to know what you’re looking for.

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Combating blood money with big data

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“Illicit proceeds from crime are blood money, and blood money should have no place in the U.S. financial system.” The best defense against those illicit financial networks? Big data.

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Follow the money

Follow the Money

Trade-based money laundering can take many forms, from simple bartering to commodity exchanges. As long as the parties don’t get too greedy, they can go virtually undetected. John Cassara, former intelligence officer and Treasury Department special agent, invented the concept of Trade Transparency Units. Today, he talks about the value of analytics in countering trade-based money laundering.

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How a hybrid anti-terrorist approach could have prevented millions of dollars from flowing to terrorist organizations

Driving preventative policing

Terrorist and criminal organizations continue to raise funds through a wide range of criminal activities, and their financing efforts often prey on vulnerable government programs. This case study of a Hammoud terror cell shows how a hybrid analytic approach empowers government agencies and law enforcement to connect the dots.

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