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Holiday analytics … How to avoid paying for a “computer glitch”


How do you protect the organization from risk if the numbers aren’t right? Gut feel may protect you when you are in total control of the process, but when there are many people and systems included, the risk factors increase in complexity. Analytics can help drive profitability, manage risk and achieve compliance with confidence.


Reasons to be cheerful – 2011 in review

Stuart Rose

Stuart Rose, Global Insurance Marketing Manager at SAS, takes a look back at 2011 with an inimical term. He uses annus mirabilis – I’ll let you look it up. For SAS, it describes our year to a tee. Does it describe your year as well?

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Analytics, and the analytical insurer

Stuart Rose

Today, predictive modeling and forecasting are used by actuaries for pricing, but few insurance companies have applied analytics in real-time or near-real-time operational environment. The “analytical insurer” is using analytics throughout its organization to improve business performance and reduce risk.

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Analytics helps credit card issuers reprogram for CARD

Waynette Tubbs, Editor

Rex Pruitt, Manager, Profitability & Risk, MIS Analytics at PREMIER Bankcard, explained to attendees at the SAS Global Forum Executive Conference that his bank retooled for the CARD Act of 2009 to adjust for narrower margins and found ROI in its new outlook on customer retention and loyalty.

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