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Is the CEO’s inappropriate relationship “One risk too many”?


In this fictional mini case study, Krista B. Lewellyn and Maureen I. Muller-Kahle explore the impact a CEO’s personal life can have on effective risk management.

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Leader’s integrity tied to risk management culture

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Integrity is the basis of an effective risk management culture. When honesty and integrity fail, the consequences can be dire. Jack Zenger and Joesph Folkman collected from 5,268 leaders in five different organizations to learn the impact top managers have on ethics and honesty.

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Pay people to avoid risky behavior

What’s Your Risk Attitude? (And How Does It Affect Your Company?)

How can a CEO influence staff to do the right thing consistently? Safeway has created an environment where its employees are given incentives for managing risk – being risk managers.

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Accountability: Who is responsible for risk management?

What Every Executive Should Learn from Walmart’s Mistakes

Walmart made headlines recently for it’s history of bribing Mexican government officials in order. Then, top executives disregarded the idea of accountability and swept the company’s misdeeds under the rug. This raises the question of who is responsible ultimately for an organization – bank’s – risk management successes or failures.

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The Facebook investor you never want to become

Social media threat 2

Is your firm making data-driven decisions? Or is it following the herd and overestimating or underestimating the risks associated with investments, product releases or customer needs? Read this post about the dangers of ‘availability bias.’

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Executive views on accountability

Too big to fail

Viewers from the outside may not fully appreciate or understand these complexities of banking in the 21st century. But is complexity a defense for a perceived unwillingness to change? The 2012 EIU report on accountability in financial services has uncovered how C-level executives view their responsibilities – beyond maximising profits.

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How big is “too big to fail?” – Part 1

Tara Heuse Skinner

Many exercises designed to stem systemic risk also increase regulatory power to punish banks that contributed to the 2007 – 2009 financial crisis. This solution has some obvious flaws.

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JPMorgan’s loss bigger than ‘risk management’

preventing tax fraud

The recent disclosure of a multibillion-dollar trading loss at JPMorgan Chase reminds us again of the challenge and complexity of risk management and who is ultimately responsible.

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Finding the accountability balance

Too big to fail

The Economist Business Unit (EIU) survey reveals that the financial services industry is still struggling to balance short-term, bottom-line results with longer-term and wider societal goals.

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How could I miss that? Jamie Dimon on the hot seat

Jamie Dimon on the hot seat

When organizations and systems appear to be performing well, when problems develop slowly over time, and when a variety of systematic lapses occur, even the best and the brightest simply do not notice gaps in information that would indicate a looming crisis.

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