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A high-performance sandbox for risk management

In a Premier Business Leadership Series Amsterdam panel called “The High-Performance Organization,” SAS CEO Jim Goodnight and Ming Soong, former CRO for United Overseas Bank, talked about the innovation and creativity that CROs must bring to today’s high-paced risk management space if they are to create value for their organizations. After the session, Ming Soong talked more with us about the high-performance analytics sandbox that he built at UOB and the incredible value he found there.

In our many discussions with global experts and leaders in the industry, we’ve found that integrated data management and closely aligned risk groups are beneficial to risk management. We asked Ming Soong if a high-performance analytics sandbox had been beneficial in that regard. According to Ming Soong, a sandbox allows the risk team to experiment – build sand castles.

“Now, if your processes take a long time to run – a long time for you to realize you are going down the wrong path – then it’s going to be a pretty arduous journey,” he said. “If you couple [the sandbox] with high-performance computing, hey, you know your mistakes a lot sooner. You know when to stop the journey and take a different route. Right?”

Watch the rest of his interview and then ask yourself what great strides you and your organization could make if you could test, test and retest in the time it takes you to get a cup of coffee! Take a look at what you could do if you had a high-performance analytics sandbox.

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