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Regulatory Compliance

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Comply with FATCA now – but think to the future!


In 2010, US legislators estimated that the Treasury loses as much as $100 billion annually to offshore tax non-compliance. Their response was to pass the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA). And the US response may only be the beginning. How do you get a handle on the information you need to be compliant?

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Risk regulation: Ship shape?

David Rogers

Banks and their regulators struggle to agree on a level of regulation that provides a suitable operating framework for a successful and profitable business without endangering the economic well being of the state and its citizens. But is more regulation the way to move forward safely?

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Basel III liquidity

Basel III discussions

Basel III has garnered a great deal of attention lately – particularly the discussion on liquidity. For banks to be successful in meeting the evolving Basel III requirements they must use a holistic approach to managing risk and learn ways to use these systems to run their business.

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Beyond compliance – Added value in a Solvency II implementation

Five House Rules for Managing Risky Behavior

Solvency II implementation costs may shave a few cents off earnings per share, but this cost should be balanced by the benefit of a far more transparent – consistently transparent – set of reporting requirements than before. This valuable information will lead to improved economic planning and insight, and the ability to embed early-warning mechanisms.

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Understanding capital requirements


Credit risk classification systems have been in use for a long time, and with the advent of Basel II, those systems became the basis for banks’ capital adequacy calculations. What is needed going forward is an efficient and honest dialogue between regulators and investors on capitalization.

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How big is “too big to fail?” – Part 2

Too big to fail

Part 2 in this series tackles the subject of ineffective regulation for the ‘too big to fail’ problem. Tara Skinner says that market forces should correct for a less-than-perfect regulatory environment while preventing banks from taking inappropriate risk-taking activities.


The adventures of Solvency II – The ORSA

Magnifying Glass

ORSA seems very similar to the process for calculating the regulatory financial buffer the ‘Solvency Capital Requirement’ but there are differences – Simon Kirby explains.

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How big is “too big to fail?” – Part 1

Tara Heuse Skinner

Many exercises designed to stem systemic risk also increase regulatory power to punish banks that contributed to the 2007 – 2009 financial crisis. This solution has some obvious flaws.

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Basel Accord misses the mark

Marketing Best Practices

In the midst of all the new regulations and new risk management process upgrades required to meet new regulations, we may have forgotten one of the most potent risks and left it behind.


The adventures of Solvency II

Magnifying Glass

As the Solvency II go-live date approaches, insurers and reinsurers in many EU states are already beginning their compliance projects. But searching for the right processes and technology updates can be daunting – almost as though you are under the legendary Inspector’s eye. What type of data audit will be necessary?

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A high-performance sandbox for risk management

Tham Ming Soong, former United Overseas Bank Chief Risk Officer

Former CRO of United Overseas Bank Ming Soong talks about the value of a high-performance analytics sandbox for risk management.

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