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Comply with FATCA now – but think to the future!


In 2010, US legislators estimated that the Treasury loses as much as $100 billion annually to offshore tax non-compliance. Their response was to pass the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA). And the US response may only be the beginning. How do you get a handle on the information you need to be compliant?

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Are US Banks ready for Basel III?

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The newly released final rules for capital adequacy for Basel III will be a challenge for banks. Tom Kimner says there are three things you need to do to meet this challenge.

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Reducing the CCAR pain

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Theoretically, CCAR submissions can be developed and submitted using your existing risk and finance infrastructure. But there are some challenges to that approach. An analytic solution that is built to facilitate collaboration between risk and finance can produce some significant technical and business benefits.

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What can risk management professionals do to keep improving?

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You’re being asked to get more with thinner and thinner margins.Seems counter intuitive. How do you get more with less? The new high-performance technologies will help you make better informed decisions about investments and risk management. Investing in technology and understanding it in terms of ROI can provide much higher value today than it ever has. More. With less.

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Six guidelines for constructing stress tests

Six guidelines for stress testing

The recent global financial crisis painfully revealed the need for better, more comprehensive stress testing in the financial industry. Keep these guidelines in mind when constructing stress tests and stress scenarios.

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Why control may be contrary to compliance


To control or not to control? That is the governance question. Or is it? The real measure of compliance is whether an organization has taken steps to account for events and requirements that can be reasonably foreseen.


Tips for aligning IT with business for big data success

Left to right: Martha Jane Avstreih-Ross; Ann Woloszynski; James Miller

When IT execs talk about big data, they say they have to start with baby steps; they have to get buy in from many areas of the organization. Here are some of their tips for getting both IT and executives on board with analytics implementations and data governance policies that will help the organization make the most of data.

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Six steps to data quality

Six guidelines for stress testing

A lot of what Solvency II addresses is improving transparency across the firm, between the firm and its regulators, and with the customer. SAS recommends these six data quality process steps to support Solvency II initiatives.

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Do you believe in the Data Fairies?

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Do you know how your data gets to your desktop each morning? Do you know where it comes from? The Solvency II directive has made the question of where and how very important to insurers and resurers across Europe.


Selecting a Solvency II vendor


Nicolas Michellod, Senior Analyst in Celent’s Insurance Practice, says that although insurers have been preparing for Solvency II for a couple of years, not all have made their decisions about a technology vendor that addresses the new regulatory framework.

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Why do insurers fail?

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No industry is immune to failure, and over the past few decades, there have been several examples of significant insurance company failure. Long before the financial crisis emerged in 2008, it had been recognized that existing risk management and solvency regulations were inadequate. Solvency II is probably the most ambitious financial services legislation ever implemented. It will completely change the measurement of the financial stability of European insurers.

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