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Are US Banks ready for Basel III?


The newly released final rules for capital adequacy for Basel III will be a challenge for banks. Tom Kimner says there are three things you need to do to meet this challenge.

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Six tips for managing risk data

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Combining these six tips will help the bank reduce operational costs, focus on more profitable trading operations, reduce RWA and thereby achieve a better return on capital deployed in its trading operations.

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The secret to making risk management a profit maximizer


How do you measure the return on investment of risk management and risk management systems? In this article by Boaz Galinson, Bank Leumi measures ROI in more effective use of capital, regulatory compliance and value creation.


Becoming the dial


A balanced risk appetite – tightly integrated with the business strategy – is paramount in this economy. David Gumpert-Hersh, Vice President of Credit Risk Management, Wesom Credit Union, shares his advice for setting and implementing a balanced risk appetite at a nonprofit where the ‘customers’ are the shareholders.


R.I.S.K. – Risk management for the future

Chris Skinner

Chris Skinner says that CROs have failed in their role of managing risk. But, he doesn’t believe CROs are at fault; “faulty models, ineffective risk systems and a complicated market are the culprits.”

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CRO: Your risk appetite challenge


According to Boaz Galinson from Bank Leumi, it’s essential for CROs to define a risk appetite – the amount of risk embedded in the strategic plan. The challenge, he says, is translating that strategy into lower-level actionable plans, decisions and actions. A risk management culture, based on an enterprise risk tolerance statement, can be the most challenging tasks CROs face.


The Facebook investor you never want to become

Social media threat 2

Is your firm making data-driven decisions? Or is it following the herd and overestimating or underestimating the risks associated with investments, product releases or customer needs? Read this post about the dangers of ‘availability bias.’

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What’s your risk attitude? (And how does it affect your company?)


Firms with an approach that aligns with the real-world will create growth, while firms with a misaligned approach will shrink relative to each other. The risk attitude that aligns well will eventually control more of the market’s resources. Read this Harvard Business Review opinion on how risk attidude – and appetite – affects your firm.

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How big is “too big to fail?” – Part 2

Too big to fail

Part 2 in this series tackles the subject of ineffective regulation for the ‘too big to fail’ problem. Tara Skinner says that market forces should correct for a less-than-perfect regulatory environment while preventing banks from taking inappropriate risk-taking activities.


Executive views on accountability

Too big to fail

Viewers from the outside may not fully appreciate or understand these complexities of banking in the 21st century. But is complexity a defense for a perceived unwillingness to change? The 2012 EIU report on accountability in financial services has uncovered how C-level executives view their responsibilities – beyond maximising profits.

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Risk appetite: A high-stakes juggling act

What’s Your Risk Attitude? (And How Does It Affect Your Company?)

In this short video, Clark Abrahams briefly defines risk appetite, outlines the need for a clearly articulated risk appetite statement, and then discusses the key components of a risk appetite statement