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Waynette Tubbs

Waynette Tubbs, Managing Editor

+Waynette Tubbs is a Managing Editor at SAS. Tubbs has developed a comprehensive portfolio of strategic business and marketing communications during her career spanning more than 15 years of magazine, marketing and agency work.

The digital age has a dark side – cybercrime

Too big to fail

Check out this telling infographic about bank’s responses to cybercrime. It highlights some key findings from a survey of 250 banking executives. The report looks at cyber security challenges and opportunities as they relate to banks.


Q&A: Jen Dunham on cybersecurity

Jen Dunham

Over the last 22 years, Jen Dunham has held a TSSCI security clearance with numerous agencies supporting organizations such as FBI, DEA, NSA, CIA, NCTC, State Department, DOE, and state and local law enforcement. In this video, Dunham talks about today’s cybersecurity challenges and her ideas for addressing them.


Demo: Real-time mortgage portfolio risk analysis

Senior Risk Consultant Srini Iyer

SAS can help you build an analytic platform for CCAR and stress testing. And the good news is that you can use the models you’ve already built. We plug your models into our solution to give you the scalability – and functionality – you need.

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Real-time risk aggregation demo

Risk aggregation demo

Obtaining consolidated risk results across asset classes, portfolios, and trading desks can be a daunting challenge. The amount of information to be aggregated is vast and can stress an organization’s systems. Worse, the results are often obtained using overnight batch processes. Doug Vestal shows how risk aggregation results can be delivered in real-time.

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Why do fraud programs fall short?


In spite of the high priority given to fraud, financial crime and security risks, traditional approaches to dealing with such risks are proving to be insufficient. Investigators aren’t getting the full picture of a customer and the issues – an investigator in the credit card investigations department might not realize there’s a case on that same person in another department. What’s the answer?

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Data visualization tackles the big data obstacles to anti-terrorism efforts

shadowy image of a criminal

Effective terrorists of the future will know how to hide and act using technology and data. Data visualization will help predict their moves – even of those who are data savvy.

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Is the CEO’s inappropriate relationship “One risk too many”?


In this fictional mini case study, Krista B. Lewellyn and Maureen I. Muller-Kahle explore the impact a CEO’s personal life can have on effective risk management.

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The growing threat of enterprise-class fraud

picture of people walking

In spite of the high priority given to fraud, financial crime and security risks, traditional approaches to dealing with such risks are proving to be insufficient. That’s where a more holistic approach comes in.

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Leader’s integrity tied to risk management culture

picture of people walking

Integrity is the basis of an effective risk management culture. When honesty and integrity fail, the consequences can be dire. Jack Zenger and Joesph Folkman collected from 5,268 leaders in five different organizations to learn the impact top managers have on ethics and honesty.

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How culture determines your appetite for risk

How Culture Determines Your Appetite for Risk

The greater the control you have over risk, the more finely you can judge the risk, and the more money you can make. But, how much control do you have – can you have?

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