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Tom Kimner

Tom Kimner, Head of the Americas Risk Practice, SAS

Tom Kimner, Head of the Americas Risk Practice at SAS, leads a team of experts in shaping risk solutions by applying best-of-breed data, modeling and decision optimization methodologies. Kimner has nearly 20 years of experience in credit risk analytics, information management and systems architectures – 10 of those years in various senior level positions at Fannie Mae, where he spearheaded initiatives to more effectively manage credit risk and financial reporting. Contact Tom Kimner:

Are US Banks ready for Basel III?

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The newly released final rules for capital adequacy for Basel III will be a challenge for banks. Tom Kimner says there are three things you need to do to meet this challenge.

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What can risk management professionals do to keep improving?

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You’re being asked to get more with thinner and thinner margins.Seems counter intuitive. How do you get more with less? The new high-performance technologies will help you make better informed decisions about investments and risk management. Investing in technology and understanding it in terms of ROI can provide much higher value today than it ever has. More. With less.

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Benefits of a standard framework for stress testing

Tom Kimner

Successfully executing an enterprise stress testing program requires a technology framework that enables data, scenarios, analytics and reports to be integrated across the organization. Read the benefits of this stress testing framework.

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