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Tara Heusé Skinner

Tara Skinner, Manager Risk Solutions, SAS

Tara Heusé Skinner is the Manager of Risk Solutions at SAS. Skinner is an accomplished chief risk officer and executive leader with a record of successfully orchestrating the start-up, growth, and optimization of enterprise risk and strategic management programs within community, regional, national and international banking and financial services companies including a mortgage company and a venture capital start-up firm.

How big is “too big to fail?” – Part 2

Too big to fail

Part 2 in this series tackles the subject of ineffective regulation for the ‘too big to fail’ problem. Tara Skinner says that market forces should correct for a less-than-perfect regulatory environment while preventing banks from taking inappropriate risk-taking activities.


How big is “too big to fail?” – Part 1

Tara Heuse Skinner

Many exercises designed to stem systemic risk also increase regulatory power to punish banks that contributed to the 2007 – 2009 financial crisis. This solution has some obvious flaws.

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Risk capital and lessons from the Titanic

Tara Heuse Skinner

The term “economic capital” (also called risk capital) has been in use for nearly a decade, and still, when discussions turn toward explaining it to non-academic, eyes tend to glaze over. Tara Skinner has a unique explanation that really puts economic capital into perspective. Do you have enough lifeboats at the ready?

Is VaR an appropriate gauge of risk?

Tara Heuse Skinner

Some believe that VaR creates a false sense of security within an organization, but Tara Skinner argues that when used with other modeling techniques, VaR helps institutions confront their exposure to financial risk and then establishes a proper risk management function.

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