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Rob Mitchell

Rob Mitchell, Editorial Dir, Longitude Research

Rob Mitchell is Editorial Director of Longitude Research, a company that conducts bespoke research services on behalf of major organizations around the world. Prior to co-founding Longitude, he was a Managing Editor at the Economist Intelligence Unit, where he led a range of research programs, surveys and reports. Between 2002 and 2006, he worked at the Financial Times, where he edited the newspaper’s sponsored reports.

Risk appetite terms and definitions

Risk Appetite - Terms and Definitions

When discussing risk appetite, it’s important to approach the topic from a common set of terms. Here is a glossary of commonly used risk appetite terms and their definitions. Please add your firm’s complementary terms and definitions.

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Risk management strategy at Wells Fargo

Has RM Been Sidelined

Look at how Wells Fargo incorporates risk management into its business strategy, and then read the Economist Intelligence Unit report of global firms and risk management. Where does your firm stand, and what changes can you make to be more competitive?


Has risk management been sidelined?

Has RM Been Sidelined

An Economist Intelligence Unit survey found a renewed focus among financial services execs on growth and profitability, perhaps misplaced as many claim that risk management changes made since the crisis are inadequate to handle future volatility and complexity. Is this a slide backward?

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