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Robert M. Mark

Robert Mark, CEO, Black Diamond Risk

Robert M. Mark is the Founding Partner and CEO of Black Diamond Risk. Mark is also the founding Executive Director of the Master of Financial Engineering Program at the UCLA Anderson School of Management. In 1998, he was awarded the Financial Risk Manager of the Year by the Global Association of Risk Professionals. Mark is the co-author of two books: Risk Management (McGraw-Hill), published in 2001; and The Essentials of Risk Management (McGraw Hill), published in 2006.

Six guidelines for constructing stress tests

Six guidelines for stress testing

The recent global financial crisis painfully revealed the need for better, more comprehensive stress testing in the financial industry. Keep these guidelines in mind when constructing stress tests and stress scenarios.

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Stress testing: A board-level issue

Dr. Bob Mark

Firms should still have a contingency plan for rare or extreme events. Stress testing focuses on analyzing risks associated with those events. Read Dr. Mark and Antonis Miniotis’ white paper discussing stress testing and the role it plays.

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