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Laurent Birade

Laurent Birade is a Senior Risk Consultant with the SAS Enterprise Risk Practice. Throughout his career, he has provided pre- and post-sales leadership in the areas of credit, market and operational risk. Birade has degrees in accounting and information systems from HEC in Montreal, Canada and an MBA from Saint Mary’s College of California.

Basel III liquidity

Basel III discussions

Basel III has garnered a great deal of attention lately – particularly the discussion on liquidity. For banks to be successful in meeting the evolving Basel III requirements they must use a holistic approach to managing risk and learn ways to use these systems to run their business.

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Basel Accord misses the mark

Marketing Best Practices

In the midst of all the new regulations and new risk management process upgrades required to meet new regulations, we may have forgotten one of the most potent risks and left it behind.


How to use risk-based pricing for risk-adjusted ROI

Cyber security

Risk-based pricing is the alignment of loan pricing with its expected risk. Typically, a borrower’s credit risk is used to determine acceptance or denial of the loan application. It may also be used to drive the loan price. Borrowers whose risk is high will be charged a higher interest rate. Risk-based pricing builds on the net interest margins calculations by adding to the cost of funds. Find out how a risk-based pricing framework can guide a firm’s growth strategy, and what to do when problems arise.