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John Cassara

John A. Cassara, Industry Adviser to SAS Federal LLC

John A. Cassara spent more than 25 years as an intelligence officer and Treasury Department special agent and is author of several books on money laundering and terror finance. He invented the concept of Trade Transparency Units. He also is an industry adviser to SAS Federal LLC.

Follow the cyber Silk Road


Cyber marketplace. Digital bazaar. What do you call an underground shopping center of tutorials on fraud methods – hacking social media sites, obtaining anonymous bank accounts, trafficking in counterfeit currency and acquiring stolen credit card information? Law enforcement uses a combination of boots on the street and analytics to catch the cyber criminals – both “shoppers” and “store keepers.”


How m-payments might be the global money-laundering machine of criminals’ dreams

mobile banking and cybersecurity

Millions of people now use their mobile phones for banking – and hidden among them are criminals. “M-payments will be one of the next big laundering methodologies that we have to confront,” says John Cassara, who spent 26 years as a covert CIA case officer and US Treasury agent.

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Combating blood money with big data

shadowy image of a criminal

“Illicit proceeds from crime are blood money, and blood money should have no place in the U.S. financial system.” The best defense against those illicit financial networks? Big data.

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Our anti-money laundering efforts have failed


John Cassara says that history has shown us that our efforts in anti-money laundering – following dirty money, identifying and taking away illicit proceeds, and punishing money launderers – is abysmal. What can we do to change this?


We must clean up our act on money laundering

Money launderng

Many US banks, such as Wachovia and Citigroup, have run afoul of money laundering rules. Regulators investigate. Hearings are held. Headlines are generated. Reputations are tarnished. But where is the outrage over the day-to-day money laundering that is much greater in size and scope than the alleged practices by the banks?

Mobile payments, smurfs and emerging threats

Mobile Payments

M-payment remittances are replacing traditional banks and money services that have historically charged high fees for small transfers. The advantages and pitfalls of these M-payments for law enforcement and financial services are many. Former US Treasury Special Agent John Cassara maps what he sees in the road ahead and gives advice for protecting your firm.

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Follow the money

Follow the Money

Trade-based money laundering can take many forms, from simple bartering to commodity exchanges. As long as the parties don’t get too greedy, they can go virtually undetected. John Cassara, former intelligence officer and Treasury Department special agent, invented the concept of Trade Transparency Units. Today, he talks about the value of analytics in countering trade-based money laundering.

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