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David Stewart

David Stewart, Financial Crimes for Banking, SAS

David Stewart, CAMS, is Director of the Financial Crimes Practice for Banking at SAS. Stewart leads strategy development, drives product management and provides key marketing counsel for Anti-Money Laundering and Fraud Management solutions worldwide. Additionally, he delivers industry best practices for financial crimes solutions. Previously, Stewart served as a SAS business manager for one of the world’s largest financial institutions. He managed a team responsible for implementing enterprise scale projects devoted to customer relationship management and anti-money laundering initiatives.

Analytics comes to AML, what RAD wants to know!

David Stewart

One approach to transaction monitoring is “tuning of scenario parameters,” but that can raise eyebrows in the regulatory community. Take a look at David Stewart’s suggestions for an analytical approach.


FFIEC Guidance: Five layers for fraud detection and prevention

David Stewart

One of the challenges facing financial institutions is that their fraud detection and prevention systems have been siloed by products and channels. They use one system for credit card detection, another for check fraud and yet another for online banking. The FFIEC recently updated guidance on customer authentication and layered security.

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More ACH payments, more chances for fraud

David Stewart

While ACH payments were once considered low risk, they have attracted the attention of criminals who use the high volume and relative anonymity of such transactions to commit fraud on a growing scale. Read more to find out how to reduce fraud losses.

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