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SAS is a Leader in The Forrester Wave: Enterprise Fraud Management, Q1 2016

Report gave SAS among the highest scores in the current offering category, with the highest scores among all vendors in the strategy and market presence categories.


Machine learning is a key differentiator — and nothing new to SAS

One of the key differentiators among top-performing vendors this year was machine learning. The report states, “As siloed technology for scoring fraud risk becomes outdated and less effective, improved administration, machine learning methods, and custom reporting now dictate which providers lead the pack.”

Rules-based fraud management systems cannot identify patterns in data. Machine learning, on the other hand, adapts to changing behaviors in a population through automated model building. Nothing new to SAS, these machine learning capabilities were built into SAS® fraud and compliance solutions at their inception to accommodate changing behaviors in complex data.

“SAS delivers the most breadth and depth of any fraud analytics solution on the market,” said Randy Guard, Chief Marketing Officer for SAS. “SAS continues to push the envelope on fraud detection innovation. Organizations want to quickly and accurately produce models that guide smart actions on a large scale in real time.”

For fraud management, avoiding delays is pivotal. You can’t wait until the next day to discover an account has been compromised. You need to know as the payment is being authorized. SAS fraud solutions deliver this essential capability. Learn more about SAS fraud and security intelligence solutions.


[SAS'] solution has great coverage for data integration, queue management, and authoring of rules and models, and it covers all major transaction types out of the box.

The Forrester Wave™: Enterprise Fraud Management, Q1 2016

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