AML Modernization

White Paper

AML Modernization

Embarking on the Journey

Financial crime prevention (FCP) leaders confront challenges on many fronts. Their primary jobs are to safeguard the financial system from money launderers, terrorists and other bad actors while also satisfying AML regulatory obligations. Moreover, as organizations invest in digital onboarding, peer-to-peer payments and digital-first strategies, FCP leaders must consider new and existing customer expectations as well as organizational needs.

Needless to say, uplifting customer experiences and complying with AML regulatory requirements do not line up neatly.

But strategic adoption of today’s AML technologies can help organizations successfully strike the necessary balance and equip AML programs with the tools and capabilities to cultivate the necessary risk intelligence and deliver an effective, efficient, customer-centric AML control framework. Yet embarking on a modernization journey is tricky and complicated, with numerous options, considerations and decisions.

This white paper explores current organizational challenges, outlines the benefits of new AML technology adoption, and identifies how to embark on a journey of discovery and modernization.