Using Digital Identity To Unleash Organizational Data

White Paper

Using Digital Identity To Unleash Organizational Data

presented by SAS

Customer experience focuses on speed and ease of access, lowering friction where possible. However, this approach has the potential to open up an organization to fraudulent attacks.

Criminals search for the holes in security systems that inadvertently open up in the lowering of the friction threshold. In the short run, lower friction makes sense -- it is difficult to prove the inefficiency if customer retention grows and revenues correspondingly rise. In the long-run, however, such an attitude when it comes to fraud and the customer experience will leave the consumer fleeing to safer venues for their needs and the company dealing with an onslaught of attacks.

Instead, companies should reframe how fraud protection and customer experience (CX) can work in tandem. When done right, fraud protections can boost CX efforts for customers, allowing the organization better clarity of the people who access their services and enabling them to provide more streamlined, custom experiences.