SAS® 360 Plan Features

Strategic planning

  • Configurable planning hierarchies.
  • Marketing plans, listing programs and integrated campaigns definition and tracking. 

Financial management 

  • Planning and cost-center budget allocation.
  • Expense tracking in the form of commitments and invoices for marketing activities. 

Calendar management 

  • Integrated calendars for planning items, workflows and workflow tasks.
  • Configurable calendar display options.
  • Defines and tracks timing for marketing plans, programs, campaigns and tasks.
  • Search and filtering capabilities directly from calendar views.
  • Choose from color-coding options based on object type, status or channel. 

Marketing workflow 

  • Management of the execution of marketing processes to support execution of programs and campaigns. 
  • Defines marketing process steps and allows flexible workflow configuration. 
  • Sends electronic notifications. 
  • Calculates timelines automatically. 
  • Electronically routes marketing documents for review and approval. 
  • Consolidates reviewer comments and manages multiple revisions. 
  • Supports annotations of image and video files to facilitate collaborative creative content review cycles. 

Digital asset management 

  • Digital asset organization using tagging, cataloging and easy search and distribution.
  • Version management capabilities.
  • Rich media assets support.
  • Marketing workflows integration for digital assets. 


  • Custom meta data definition for all SAS 360 Plan objects—including planning items, assets and workflows. 
  • System configuration that matches your business needs and ensures all the relevant data is captured. 
  • Dependency on secondary systems for marketing operations eliminated. 
  • Collaboration with all stakeholders by providing visibility into the relevant data. 


  • Public APIs that integrate easily with third-party systems for ERP, CRM and CMS.
  • Microsoft Excel integration for batch imports, exports and updates.
  • SAS Customer Intelligence 360 integration.