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Knowledge and know-how for a modern grid.

Whether you’re launching a new SAS® grid environment or you need to fine-tune your environment for performance and growth, we’ll make sure your grid is modern, flexible and forward-looking.


Build a flexible foundation for your future.

You need a grid environment that can grow with your organization. We’ll work closely with you to create a detailed architecture design to support your current and future analytics needs. From initial sizing to expanding your grid, we’ll make sure your environment can flex for your changing business needs.

Optimize your grid for peak performance.

Let our experienced grid architects help you get the most from SAS Grid Manager’s scheduling and workload balancing capabilities. We’ll guide your admins on how to monitor and manage your environment and share best practices for administering grid to your performance requirements.

Train your team for success.

Training your team speeds your software adoption and accelerates the return on your investment. Our instructors equip your admins and end users with a firm grasp of SAS Grid Manager. Plus, we’ll provide mentoring to address specific questions on your environment.

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