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Are you looking to establish an enterprise business analytics center of excellence in your organization? The Business Analytics Center of Excellence Service from SAS can help.

With so many competing business priorities and perspectives, it’s not enough to implement analytics or data management technologies and hope every aspect of your organization will fall perfectly in line. You need a more holistic approach, and a strategy to align your organization’s resources and efforts around your strategic objectives. Establishing a business analytics center of excellence (BA CoE) can be an effective way to optimize your capabilities, discover new insights and evolve to a higher level of business maturity.

With a BA CoE, you can set priorities and align your information infrastructure, people, processes and business culture so everyone’s on the same page, working toward the same goal. You'll see faster results, with little wasted effort.

How does it work?

Our consultants help you establish the appropriate BA CoE for your unique environment by first understanding your business. They’ll assess your infrastructure, skills, operating model and culture, as well as your priorities, so the resulting CoE is customized to your specific needs.

Using a framework that’s based on the SAS organization maturity model (Information Evolution Model), our consultants will assess your business analytics maturity as well as your organization’s capabilities and readiness to achieve your objectives. You'll then receive comprehensive recommendations and a deployment road map that will help you get the most out of your return on investment in SAS technology, as well as other technologies.

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Realizing the Full Value of Your SAS® Investment


Your business requirements and maturity level determine how a BA CoE should function in your organization. Assessing those aspects of your business is the first step toward delivering a solid plan for a BA CoE.

Our consultants evaluate your current information, reporting, analytics and business insight requirements. They also analyze the flow of information in your business, starting with operational sources and ending with how decision makers use insight to support decisions.

Implementing a BI Competency Center – An Overview

Benefits of a BA CoE

By establishing a center of excellence, you can:

  • Mobilize resources and talent to support business objectives.
  • Use resources more efficiently.
  • Align business and IT perspectives and efforts.
  • Glean better insight for more accurate business decisions.

SAS market research indicates that organizations that have established a CoE actually improved their data management practices. The research also shows that effective data management practices and a sound BI strategy drive better organizational performance.

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