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For over 150 years, HBCUs have been an integral source of graduating Black and African American talent while preparing them for meaningful and successful careers. Founded out of necessity, these colleges and universities provided educational opportunities that were otherwise severely limited prior to the Civil Rights Act. Since then, rigorous standards for academic excellence have produced highly notable alumni. Today, there are 101 HBCUs – with over 300,000 students – that continue to attract top talent and have grown to become some of the most diversely populated universities across America.

Ten of these HBCUs are in North Carolina, home to SAS world headquarters. These schools embody inclusion, enrolling Black and non-Black students, as well as a high number of multi-generational students and veterans. HBCUs produce 27% of all Black or African American STEM graduates, and 40% of Black or African American engineers. HBCUs are a major force diversifying the STEM field and are vital to growing the next-generation workforce.

Hear from some of the HBCU alumni now making a difference at SAS

  • HBCUs consistently produce leaders in business, politics and technology. I love my HBCU, North Carolina A&T State University, not only because it is the nation's No. 1 producer of African American undergraduates in engineering and master's graduates in mathematics and statistics, but because it provided me with an empowering educational experience that has fostered my success as a leader in my field. Khaliah Cothran Manager, User Experience Design North Carolina A&T State University
  • My years at North Carolina Central University were very formative for me. Not only am I a proud alumnus, but I'm a fourth-generation Eagle! NCCU embodies the Durham where I grew up and learned what "Black Excellence" means, and how to live in honor of my Blackness. I believe HBCUs empower Black students to own their worth and raise their potential. That experience is not universal, and it's critical to nurture it by supporting our HBCUs. NCCU's mantra, first spoken by our founder, is "The Eagle is no common, ordinary barnyard fowl; And while a sparrow clings to its flock, an Eagle soars alone." Bennett McAuley Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Program Manager North Carolina Central University
  • Prominent visionaries have walked the North Carolina Central University campus ("the yard"), and I'm proud to share in that legacy! As a first-generation college graduate, NCCU gave me a high-quality education and serves as a foundation for the generations that follow me. HBCUs provide a sense of family and the support necessary to know the possibilities are endless! When opportunities are given to talented HBCU students, it reaches beyond corporations and has lasting impacts in communities. Jacoby Pulley Business Systems Analyst North Carolina Central University
  • I am so proud to be an alumna of Shaw University! As a second-generation HBCU grad, I am proof that HBCUs produce talent that can compete with anyone if given the opportunity! And of course, go Bears! April Peebles Manager, Business Operations Shaw University
  • I really started dreaming ... and saw a future for myself when I got to Shaw University. I learned about the African diaspora and culture. I grew up there and fostered lifelong relationships that I still value today! Shaw University encouraged me to make my dreams a reality! Maury Burton Senior Technical Consultant Shaw University
  • Hampton University provided a firm and safe foundation for me to learn and excel both academically and personally. I wouldn't trade anything for the education, lifelong friendships, leadership development and life experiences I gained. It changed the trajectory of my life, and I know that I would not be where I am today without "My Home by the Sea." Go PIRATES! Gerri Furlow Team Lead, Window Deployment Hampton University
  • Johnson C. Smith University provided an environment like my upbringing. My parents came from very large families, so I grew up around a lot of cousins and in a very caring neighborhood. We were close, helped each other and looked out for each other. As a small university, the faculty members were very caring and expected the best from you and the students were like family. Robert Cunningham Cloud Services Delivery Manager Johnson C. Smith University
  • I received my undergraduate degree in electrical engineering from Morgan State University, the National Treasure. My education prepared me for the rigor and challenges I've faced in the software engineering industry. In addition to receiving a world-class education, I received the support and encouragement I needed to flourish, grow, and learn about myself and my heritage. Qiana Eaglin Manager, Technical Writing, JMP Morgan State University

Strengthening HBCU partnerships

CEO Roundtable on Cancer

SAS partners with The CEO Roundtable on Cancer, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization working to eliminate cancer by reducing risk, enabling early diagnosis, facilitating access to the best treatments, and accelerating discovery of novel and more effective anti-cancer therapies. The “Going for Gold” Initiative is a multi-year strategic partnership between corporations and HBCUs and HSIs (Hispanic Serving Institutions) to elevate the health of those disproportionately affected by cancer. We build relationships with students at partnering universities who focus on science, medicine and health care, offering opportunities to our internship programs.

HBCU Invitational

The SAS Championship, a PGA Tour Champions event for over 20 years, in collaboration with the PGA Tour and the Black College Golf Coaches Association, announced a new event for 2022 as part of its annual PGA Tour Champions tournament – the HBCU Invitational. The SAS Championship HBCU Invitational welcomes up to 18 teams, both men’s and women’s, from leading Historically Black Colleges & Universities to come to Cary to compete in the tournament.

SAS hosts a Career Day on our campus on the Friday before the tournament. The student-athletes tour the SAS campus and participate in a series of panel discussions, seminars, and lunch with SAS executives and HBCU alumni employees designed to help prepare them for their careers after golf. The HBCU Invitational is one way that SAS and the PGA are strengthening strategic partnerships with HBCUs to develop the talent of the future.

HBCU Partnership Challenge

In 2019, SAS took the HBCU Partnership Challenge created by the Congressional Bipartisan HBCU Caucus, founded and co-chaired by Congresswoman Alma S. Adams, PhD. The challenge is a public pledge to engage in conversations with HBCUs, businesses, and lawmakers about investing in and taking action to support, develop and retain HBCU graduates.

"HBCUs have educated and produced graduates who contribute to the vitality of our nation and economy. At SAS, our employees from HBCUs and other minority-serving institutions add tremendous value to the fabric of our company and the equitable technology solutions we seek to develop. And our diverse workforce brings together unique talents and abilities that inspire teams to create software that can change the world." Jim Goodnight CEO SAS

Engaging HBCU talent

United in STEM: SAS Diversity Internship Program

Our United in STEM: SAS Diversity Internship Program is designed to provide a valuable work experience for current students enrolled in an accredited degree program who are passionate about technology and eager to make an impact. Our goal is to provide the opportunity to grow in an inclusive work environment, receive mentorship and coaching, and make meaningful contributions to our organization. Positions are posted in September and are filled on a rolling basis. To learn more and apply, visit sas.com/intern.

SAS HBCU events for STEM and business students

Since its inception in 2016, the SAS HBCU STEM Connect invites Black and African American students from HBCUs who are pursuing degrees in technical or analytical fields, to attend an exclusive event held at SAS headquarters in Cary, NC. Typically held in September or October, this event gives students the opportunity to network with SAS employees and HBCU alumni, hear about career opportunities at SAS, and learn about tech trends and innovations.

In 2023, SAS launched the first HBCU Business Connect, which offers the same type of experience for employees studying nontechnical fields such as business, marketing, finance, human resources or other majors. This event is held in the spring.  Learn more.

HBCU Roundtable

The SAS Early Career team invites representatives from HBCUs' career services departments to hear directly from faculty and staff from the universities SAS actively engages with every year. The SAS team aims to understand how they can continue to build an authentic and consistent relationship with these universities, and how to best support their students.

NC Governor’s HBCU Internship Program

SAS proudly participates in the North Carolina Governor's HBCU Internship Program. Started in 2015, the program was created to connect students matriculating at North Carolina's 10 HBCUs with major corporations and businesses in the private sector throughout the state. The program provides interns with an immersive professional experience that will increase their competitiveness in the job market. In turn, corporations and businesses are directly exposed to a diverse pool of high-performing students with the goal of recruiting and retaining valuable talent within North Carolina.

SAS HBCU Academic Excellence Program

In 2021, SAS launched the HBCU Academic Excellence program, which gives outstanding HBCU students focused on technology or STEM majors the opportunity to receive mentorships and financial stipends as an investment toward their futures. Students also can apply their skills to a service-learning project supporting the local community.

Eligible students apply and are chosen based on academic achievements, leadership aspirations and their desire to work for a technology company. Candidates are interviewed and selected based on the established criteria.

Each scholar is assigned a SAS mentor who is also an HBCU alumni. Throughout their experience, they also receive an opportunity to develop key career and technology skills and help launch their careers through the hands-on experience gained at one of the most innovative tech companies in the world. For more information about how to apply, contact diversity@sas.com.

Equipping and enabling HBCU educators and students

SAS Academic Programs

SAS Academic Programs works with higher education institutions to meet the unprecedented demand for early-career analytics talent by offering a variety of free resources to help educators teach and use SAS® software, help students learn SAS, and ensure SAS customers can hire the top early-career talent they need to be successful.

SAS Academic Programs provides free resources to develop analytical skills that prepare students for a fruitful career. These free resources include video tutorials, e-learning courses, and cloud-based software to help with programming, statistics, modeling and visual analytics. There's even access to an interactive online community with forums and software support. Students and faculty can find these resources via SAS Skill Builder for Students and the SAS Educator Portal.

The SAS Academic Programs team is currently collaborating with the following HBCUs in support of their efforts to advance teaching and learning analytics: Fayetteville State University’s Broadwell College of Business and Economics; North Carolina Central University’s School of Business; Virginia State University’s Reginald F. Lewis College of Business; Meharry Medical College’s School of Applied Computational Sciences; and The Atlanta University Center Data Science Initiative. To learn more, contact academic@sas.com.

SAS HBCU+ Fellows Program

The SAS HBCU+ Fellows Program supports educators at HBCUs and Predominately Black Institutions (PBIs) by helping integrate analytical tools into their academic programs. Those who are selected for the HBCU+ Fellows Program receive customized support for integrating analytics into their curriculum, technical guidance, and opportunities to network with experts. Fellows participate in quarterly training and professional development events aimed at advancing their analytics skills and identifying resources for teaching data analytics in their disciplines. To learn more, contact us.

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The SAS Education Practice proudly partners with many HBCUs, Hispanic Serving Institutions (HSIs), and other Minority Serving Institutions (MSIs). SAS currently partners with 40 HBCUs with engagements focused on strategic enrollment management, institutional research, developing a comprehensive data and analytics strategy, and maximizing academic research and innovation. SAS also has teaching and research education licenses at many HBCUs, providing professors with the ability to teach SAS in the classroom and offering students and faculty software to advance their research.