Frequently Asked Questions About SAS Certification Manager

We migrated all historical certification data to the brand-new SAS Certification Manager on August 21, 2018. The new system will provide our candidates with convenient access to a robust set of certification services and features while maintaining the security of their data.

This system will be your one stop shop for all things SAS Certification. Using one set of login credentials instead of three you can enter this system and schedule exams, review your exam history, access your digital badge(s) and much more.

Below are some frequently asked questions.

What is SAS Certification Manager?

SAS Certification Manager is a secure certification management platform. With one set of login credentials you can:

  • Seamlessly sign-in to Pearson VUE to schedule and modify exam appointments, access practice exams, print score reports or see your payment history
  • Access your digital badges in Acclaim
  • Review your exam history
  • Access eCertificates and logos
  • Create transcripts to share your certifications with interested parties
  • Update your demographic information
  • Stay informed of new certification offerings and program changes
  • Share your certification status by opting into the SAS Certified Professional Directory with improved search features and options.

Is there any required action after the transition to SAS Certification Manager in August 2018?

Yes, candidates that wish to access their certification records or schedule a new exam will need to log in to SAS Certification Manager after August 21st, 2018. Please take a few extra seconds to update your demographic information when you log in as well.

Will my entire Exam/Certification history be migrated to SAS Certification Manager?

Yes, all SAS exams taken and certifications earned will be available for you to view in SAS Certification Manager. We recommend you log in and review your certification history and update your demographic information. Although it is unlikely, if you notice any discrepancies in information please contact for resolution.

Will my opt-in to the Public Directory of SAS Certified Individuals migrate to SAS Certification Manager?

Yes, if you opted in to have your information displayed in the current Public Directory of SAS Certified individuals, you will automatically be opted in to the new directory. You may log in to SAS Certification Manager and update your Directory Preferences at any time to update what information is shared.

I am not appearing in searches of the SAS Professional Directory, what do I do?

If you wish to appear in searches of the directory, log in to SAS Certification Manager and select Demographics > Directory Preferences. Confirm you are opted in, then carefully select the options you wish to display. These options are the fields by which you can be searched. In other words, if you do not choose to display your "country", you will not appear in country searches.

My company is a SAS Partner and my certification(s) count toward its membership in the Partner Program. Will there be any impact?

No, the certifications will not be impacted and will continue to count towards your company's SAS Partner Program requirements.

It is however strongly recommended that candidates employed at SAS Partner Organizations login to SAS Certification Manager and review their current demographic information, specifically their affiliation status by selecting SAS Partner and the appropriate organization, then enter their corporate email address to assure timely communications and credit for certifications at the organization level.

What are the step-by-step instructions to log in SAS Certification Manager?

SAS Certification Manager can be accessed at On this page you will find step by step instructions to complete your initial and subsequent log ins.

I have encountered issues with payment or registration, or am having problems with an individual test center what should I do?

SAS exams, not delivered at a SAS event, are delivered through Pearson VUE. Issues with payment, test center locations, registration etc. should be directed to Pearson VUE. Please see the contact information.

How do I retrieve a copy of my score report?

An immediate score report is presented on-screen at the completion of an exam. To access score reports thereafter, log in to SAS Certification Manager and select the Score Report link. You will be seamlessly signed-in to Pearson VUE to access your Score Report from their system.

How do I access my certificate and/or logos?

You can access your eCertificate and applicable logos by clicking on "My Certifications". A link to the PDF certificate and logos will be available under downloads.

How may I provide verification of my certifications to a prospective employer or set up a transcript?

You can create a transcript of exams and certifications for third party verification commonly requested by prospective employers or managers. Simply log in to SAS Certification Manager and select "Transcripts".

What if I need to change my profile information?

Candidates can change their profile information at any time in SAS Certification Manager.

In the event a candidate requires a name change, they must send proper documentation (Marriage License, Divorce Decree, Court Order) along with a copy of a new government issued ID to

Who do I contact if I have questions about SAS Certification Manager?

The SAS Global Certification team is available to answer any questions about accessing and navigating the system. Also, please direct any questions related to email, login ID or password to