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Dear Readers,

I subscribe to a LOT of industry newsletters – those related to SAS users' interests and those that will educate and inform me on the things going on in the journalism and social media worlds. I love the information, but sometimes I miss an opportunity to read an article or attend a web cast because I'm busy with other things.

I wondered if you might have the same trouble juggling work and family responsibilities with your desire to learn more about the software you are using and how others are using it. Many of the great web casts, papers and newsletters can be viewed in their archive listing or as on demand.

For instance, I know that many of you love the SAS Talks series. You can go back and listen to all of the September web casts as on demand events. You can also sign up for an RSS feed of all SAS Samples and Notes so that you never miss one. And finally, our newsletters have an archive where you can find current newsletter editions and those that go back nearly three years!

Now, sit back and enjoy, or bookmark your favorites for later.

Waynette Tubbs
Editor, SAS Tech Report
What's New
Planning for SAS Global Forum »
Registration for SAS Global Forum opens November 5, but now is the time to look for real savings on your travel and hotel expenses. Read Michael Smith's blog post for all of the details.
Key Capabilities of SAS® Grid Computing »
Register for this live SAS Talks webinar, which will show you how you can use SAS Grid Computing with other SAS products, including Base SAS, SAS/STAT®, SAS® Enterprise Guide®, SAS Data Integration, and SAS® Enterprise Miner™.
MWSUG 2012 Recap »
I had the pleasure of attending MWSUG 2012. It was fantastic, and I was able to attend and write about nine presentations. Take a look. These presenters did a GREAT job. Keep your eye on the SUG blog for my posts from SESUG 2012 – held right here in Raleigh Durham.
Tips & Techniques
Access Rows or Columns of a Matrix by Names »
Did you know that you can index into SAS/IML matrices by using unique strings that you assign via the MATTRIB statement?
Forest Plot with Subgroups »
Are you trying to create Forest Plots – with a twist?  Sanjay Matange has written a post about plotting data where the study names are subgrouped by category with multiple entries under each subgroup. 
Include Page Numbers, Total Page Count, Dates in SAS Report output in SAS® Enterprise Guide »
Check out these simple steps for including this information in the header (or footer) of each page of a SAS Report
Building Macros and Tracking Their Use »
Richard Koopmann, Jr., Capella University won Best Contributed Paper in the Coders Corners section at MWSUG 2012. His paper provides a framework for developing component macros that report back macro usage.

SESUG 2012
October 14 – 16

SCSUG 2012
Nov. 5-6
Houston, TX

NESUG 2012
Nov. 11 – 14
Baltimore, Maryland
SAS Users Connecting
SAS User’s Blogs
How long has it been since you took a look at the blogs on It's time to take another look. It's not necessary to be a member to read the content, but membership allows you to collaborate with SAS users from around the globe.
SAS CI Customer Connection »
This years' event will be a great opportunity to network with your Customer Intelligence peers from other geos and industries, and learn about all of the great new SAS products. Experts lined up to speak include T-Mobile, Pinnacle Entertainment and Staples! Don't miss this great free, knowledge sharing event held October 24-25 at SAS World Headquarters in Cary, NC.
Putting Analytics to Work »
Stop struggling with data overload, and learn how to develop high-performing analytical business models. Check out the San Francisco course Nov. 12!
How Do You Model That?

Attend Multilevel Modeling of Hierarchical and Longitudinal Data Using SAS® and learn how to identify complex relationships in your multilevel data. Register today for a Live Web class or a location near you: Rockville or Chicago.

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