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Dear Readers,

Have you heard the news? Our heart, the core of our programing, has a new numbering system and new features. SAS Statistical Products will now be numbered 12.1 and beyond. Here's a short list of the new features:

  • SAS/STAT ®: New procedures for modern regression analysis, updated Bayesian capabilities and additional graphics.
  • SAS/ETS ®: New estimation features, including Bayesian options, new variable selection methods, a new data access engine and enhancements to existing procedures.
  • SAS/Enterprise Miner™: Improvements to the core user interface, and updates to the SAS Enterprise Miner Credit Scoring nodes and the SAS Enterprise Miner Application nodes.
  • SAS/QC ®: Updates for multivariate process monitoring and other enhancements.
  • SAS/IML ®: Multiple enhancements, including new statistical functions and syntax.
  • SAS/OR®: New features for optimization, simulation and scheduling.
  • SAS® Forecast Server: Updates SAS® Forecast Studio, adds computational features and provides two new clients.
  • SAS® Model Manager: Numerous new enhancements such as the ability to create aggregated reports.
  • SAS® Sentiment Analysis: Many new and enhanced features, such as multi-level taxonomies that drill deeper than two levels.
  • SAS® Text Miner: Many enhancements, such as the new Rule Generator node to help you deliver better text models (Read more about these new features on the Text Frontier blog).

WOW! My thanks go to Memsy Price for sending me this great rundown. You can find more information on the SAS Analytics product page.

Waynette Tubbs
Editor, SAS Tech Report
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Tips & Techniques
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In honor of the SAS Global Forum Call for Papers and Rick Mitchell's call for The Year of the Poster, I've included Louise Hadden and Christianna Williams' Best Contributed Paper (Poster) from 2012. Their paper presents a solution to passing SAS macro code through to an external software call.
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Second Annual Data Steward of the Year Award »

It's that time of year again, when we honor the best and brightest – the experts who not only manage your company's data, but keep your business running behind the scenes.

Through September 24, submit your nomination for the Data Steward of the Year Award, also known as the Stewie.
SAS CI Customer Connection »
This years' event will be a great opportunity to network with your Customer Intelligence peers from other geos and industries, and learn about all of the great new SAS products. Experts lined up to speak include T-Mobile, Pinnacle Entertainment and Staples! Don't miss this great free, knowledge sharing event held October 24-25 at SAS World Headquarters in Cary, NC.
INFORMS (Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences) is considering the development of an analytics continuing professional education program. They're asking for your input to help evaluate the need for such a program. Please consider answering this short survey.
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Exploratory Analysis for Large and Complex Problems Using SAS® Enterprise Miner™  provides a fresh perspective on using predictive analytics in your organization. Listen to presenter Jeff Zeanah give an overview of his class. You can register for a public course or enjoy the classroom experience right at your desktop.
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