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The Decade of Opportunity
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Dear Readers,

I have heard many, many times during the past two or three years that statistician is the sexiest job of this decade. That means opportunities abound for people with skills in analytics: more jobs than people to fill them, unlimited fields of application, and challenging but rewarding work.

Today, I happened across a new SAS Training course (the prompting for my earlier diatribe) that could help you develop the skills necessary to better position yourself to become a player in analytics. It's the Advanced Analytics for the Modern Business Analyst course taught by Catherine Truxillo, Ph.D., Jeffrey Thompson, PhD, or Peter Christie. This six-week course combines instructor led portions with independent study. 

You'll learn to:

  • Express a business problem as an analytical question.
  • Identify the appropriate data for the problem.
  • Select statistical analyses.
  • Select a champion from a set of competing models (analyses).
  • Apply the results to new data for scoring, forecasting or both.
  • Translate complex statistical results into actionable business decisions.

When I talk with senior executives, these are the skills they're looking for in today's analysts.

Seize the day! Contact SAS Training to plan your learning path for many other job roles including programmer, administrator, operations researcher, etc.

Waynette Tubbs
Editor, SAS Tech Report
What's New
Are STEM Careers Just for Geeks? »
Here’s a great article to send to your friends, your kids, and your friends with kids. Varsha Chawla says that it wasn’t until she entered the workplace that she learned the truth; it’s diverse, fast paced and constantly changing. She's glad she chose a STEM career. 
High-Performance Analytics, a Catalyst of Change »
Phil Weiss, Systems Engineer at SAS, has written a fascinating post loosely connecting punctuated equilibria (According to Weiss, this explains leaps in evolution after long calms.) to leaps in technological growth such as the advent of PCs and today's "data processing revolution."
PharmaSUG Best Contributed Papers »
Congratulations to those who were able to attend this year's PharmaSUG. I also want to congratulate this list of presenters who have the Best Contributed Papers. And now, you are the lucky ones – enjoy!
Graph Size for Presentations »
Have you ever sized a graph for a PowerPoint presentation? Sanjay Matange, co-author the Graphically Speaking blog, says graphs that are shrunk to fit the page are oftentimes unreadable. Check out Matange's fix!
SAS Dummy Goes to London »
Chris Hemedinger, the co-author of SAS for Dummies and author of The SAS Dummy blog, has been invited to present at SAS Professionals 2012 in Marlow. And, I have great news: you are invited to attend. Registration for SAS Professionals 2012!
Tips & Techniques
Concatenation with Speed and Style »
Kathryn McLawhorn, SAS Technical Support, has written a blog post to spotlight the faster and more elegant concatenation approaches available in SAS® 9.0 and beyond.
Macro Programming Best Practices and the Rationale Behind Them »
When there are so many ways to do things, is there a best? This paper by Don Henderson and Art Carpenter teaches macro language programming styles, guidelines and conventions and then discusses why each is important so you can make an informed choice.
Review Your Metadata Profiles Using SAS Enterprise Guide Automation »
In this blog post, Chris Hemedinger shows how to use an automation script to list the available profiles that you have defined for your installation of SAS Enterprise Guide.
Building Great Graphs with SAS® »
In this blog post, Lelia McConnell, SAS Technical Support, highlights the amazing graphics output you can now produce with Base SAS. McConnell includes links to documentation, SAS Samples, examples and a video tutorial. Now, get started!
Webcasts & Events

SAS® Information Management: Leverage and Extend Hadoop
June 14

Analytics 2012
June 14-15
Cologne, Germany

Getting Started with SAS® Enterprise Miner™
June 22

WUSS 2012
Sept. 5-7
Long Beach, CA
Junior Professional Award Deadline July 20 

MWSUG 2012
Sept. 16 – 18
Minneapolis, MN

Analytics 2012
Oct. 8-9
Las Vegas
Register by June 29
and SAVE $500 

SESUG 2012
October 14 – 16
Call for Papers NOW OPEN! 

SCSUG 2012
Nov. 5-6
Houston, TX
Call for Papers NOW OPEN! 

NESUG 2012
Nov. 11 – 14
Baltimore, Maryland
Registration begins June 28 
SAS Users Connecting
SAS Users Groups LinkedIn Group »
In August 2011, we expanded the SAS Global Forum blog to include all users groups events. This was a terrific success. The same change was made to the SAS Global Forum LinkedIn Group. The SAS Users Groups LinkedIn Group can be your one-stop-shop on LinkedIn for networking and users groups information.
The SAS Leadership Council: Collaboration evolved »
Applications will be accepted beginning June 11 to fill positions on the inaugural SAS Leadership Council. 
New: Forecasting for Utilities »
The Electric Load Forecasting: Fundamentals and Best Practices course provides a systematic, rigorous and practical approach to load forecasting. Don't miss this essential two-day class offered in Dallas, Atlanta and Boston.
New: SAS Office Analytics. »
Learn how to access and analyze data using SAS Add-In for Microsoft Office and SAS Enterprise Guide. Whether you want a one-day overview or a four-day intense boot camp, we have the course for you!
SAS Encoding: Understanding the Details »
Explains the basic concepts of characters, encodings, glyphs and fonts and gives practical examples of how to troubleshoot encoding problems.
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