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Dear Readers,

Each year, there are myriad opportunities for you to connect with other SAS users and learn new SAS techniques – so many, in fact, that it's even hard for me to keep track of them all. For instance, I just heard that the Los Angeles SAS Users Group meeting will be held September 22 on the University of Southern California campus. A one-day conference for only US$35 sounds too good to be true!

Of course that's a long drive for those of you who don't live in Southern California. What should you do? Check this link for a SAS Forum, special interest group or SAS users group event near you or check the schedule at the bottom of this newsletter. Here are some local SAS Forums being held in the final half of 2011 (Some of these one-day events are free to SAS customers!):


For those of you attending a SAS users group event, send me an email to tell me about your experience. I'd love to hear about it. I'll be at NESUG and some of my colleagues will attend other events around the globe. Look us up and introduce yourself.


Waynette Tubbs
Editor, SAS Tech Report
What's New
SAS Global Forum Call For Papers! »
Are you working on your business case to attend SAS Global Forum 2012? It's in Orlando this year – the home of Mickey and Minnie Mouse – so the competition for papers will be fierce. Read this SAS Users Groups blog post for a few bullet points to add to your case. Call for papers is open through Nov. 14.
SAS, Hadoop and Big Data »
Mike Ames, Data Integration Product Manager at SAS, talks a little about the two latest rages: Hadoop and big data. He also gives a brief glimpse into SAS' plans for enabling users to access, load, process, visualize and analyze data stored in Hadoop.
Can You Determine Popularity From an Internet Search? »
Some people search the Internet for a set of topics and then use the number of search results ("hits") for each topic to rank the relative popularity of the topics. According to chats that Rick Wicklin had with statisticians at JSM, it's a bad idea to estimate the popularity based on the results of an Internet search. Take a look at what he found out.
Cooking Up New Ways to Analyze Your Data with SAS® 9.3 »
Sometimes, innovation means taking a technique that’s been around for a while and applying it in an unexpected way. SAS’ Tonya Balan says, “With SAS 9.3, we've taken traditional predictive modeling techniques, sprinkled in a little bit of survival analysis, and provided our users with a new way of analyzing customer data that we call 'survival data mining.'"
Statisticians, data analysts and SAS programmers who want to learn about time series data mining with SAS® Enterprise MinerTM 7.1 should watch, "Time Series Data Mining with SAS Enterprise Miner," presented by Taiyeong Lee from SAS.
Tips & Techniques
Video Instructions for Initiating Installation of SAS® 9.3 in Windows

Video Instructions for Creating a Software Depot in UNIX

Using SQL Pass-Through to Test Queries Against a Cube »
The SQL Pass-Through facility for OLAP lets you connect to a SAS OLAP server and execute queries against OLAP data within the PROC SQL environment. PROC SQL establishes a connection to the OLAP server using PROC SQL CONNECT.
Default Server Option, Streaming Output Support in SAS® 9.3 Stored Processes »
New in SAS 9.3, stored processes can be assigned to run on the 'Default Server.' Developers can still force the stored process to run on only one server type, but choosing 'Default Server' allows the client application to call the best server type to run on. SAS' Angela Hall gives the "how-tos" and "whys" that you should know.
Checking for an Environment Variable »
This macro uses the UNIX command ENV in a FILENAME PIPE with various other SAS functions to retrieve a list of all environment variables. The list is checked against the environment variable passed to the macro. If the variable is found, the word yes is returned. If the variable is not found, the word no is returned.
Webcasts & Events

NESUG 2011
Sept. 11 – 14
Portland, ME

Sept. 14
Raleigh, NC

Sept. 19
Seattle, WA
Sept. 21
Portland, OR
Online registration - OPEN  

MWSUG 2011
Sept. 25 – 27
Kansas City, KS
Online registration - OPEN

WUSS 2011
Oct. 12-14
San Francisco, CA

SAS Global Forum 2012
April 22-25
Orlando, FL
Call for papers - OPEN 

SESUG 2011
Oct. 23 – 25
Alexandria, VA
Online registration - OPEN

Analytics 2011
October 24 – 25
Orlando, FL

SCSUG 2011
Nov. 6-8
Fort Worth, TX
Online registration - OPEN 
SAS Users Connecting
Time for WUSS 2011 »
Planning for WUSS 2011 is underway. Read about the great line-up of presentations, workshops, classes and social activities being readied for you. Are you ready?
An Activity for Every SAS User at MWSUG 2011 »
Debbi Scheufler and Kelley Weston, MWSUG 2011 Conference Chairs, have written a great blog post on the new SAS Users Groups blog to give you a quick peek at all you'll see and do when you get to Kansas City, Kansas for MWSUG 2011. Take a look.
What’s going on at SESUG 2011? »
SESUG's annual conference will be in Alexandria, Virginia this year, so there will be a new category focused on the high saturation of government and healthcare firms in the area. Take a look at the other great offerings.
IFSUG: Newest SUG »
During SAS Global Forum 2011 in Las Vegas, a small group of users gathered to organize the first IFSUG (Insurance and Finance SAS Users Group). Learn about their mission and how you can join.
Multiple Comparisons and Multiple Tests Using SAS »
This book not only provides cutting-edge methods, specialized macros and proven "best bet" procedures, it also discusses the pitfalls and advantages, thereby helping you decide which is the most appropriate for your purposes.
Top 5 Programming Courses You Need to Know »
Discover why the top 5 of our Top 10 most popular training courses are SAS Foundation courses.  Take one of these five courses or choose another to help you grow your core SAS skills. Save 10% with our Early Bird or Group discounts.
Save Up to 50% While You Train for Certification »
Choose one of our SAS® Programming training bundles and save up to 50% while you prepare for SAS® Certification!  Beginner and advanced packages include public classroom and e-Learning options! 
Save Up to 40% on SAS® Enterprise Guide® Training »
Choose one of our SAS® Enterprise Guide training bundles and save up to 40% while you master the premier interface to SAS. Beginner and advanced packages include e- Learning and public classroom options! 
Advanced Analytics Course
Go beyond the typical analysis with Advanced Analytics for the Modern Business Analyst. This nine-week course delivers a unique learning experience that will provide analysts with the tools to succeed in a highly analytical and data-driven economy. Last course for 2011 starts October 24, register today!
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