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Dear Readers,

For those of you who may have missed the announcement last month, SAS® 9.3 was globally available July 12. In this issue, I want to provide you with some resources that will make your migration go very smoothly. First, here are some really cool facts about SAS 9.3 that I thought you'd like to know. Did you know that …

  • SAS 9.3 contains more than 54 million lines of code, including C and Java.
  • A library of almost 225,000 unique tests is run multiple times during a release cycle.
  • SAS has more than 100,000 cumulative staff years of experience producing SAS® solutions.
  • SAS has upwards of 50,000 customer sites in more than 100 countries around the world.
  • On average, more than 58 percent of the questions for Technical Support are resolved on the first phone call, 77 percent are resolved within one day and 87 percent are resolved within five days.
  • SAS Education offers more than 200 technical courses in training centers across North America or in your own work environment.

As you probably know, the SAS 9.3 upgrade is free to existing SAS customers, but you must request the software as it’s not automatically shipped. For a SAS 9.3 upgrade, please place your request online or contact your account representative.

Waynette Tubbs
Editor, SAS Tech Report
What's New
Choosing Your Approach to Upgrade to SAS 9.3® »
How are you weighing the pros and cons of moving immediately to SAS 9.3 versus a more gradual approach? This article provides you with some information that may help with your decision.
Teaching an Old PROC New Tricks »
In SAS 9.3, the internals of PROC PRINT were completely rewritten to update it and make it fully compatible with the Output Delivery System (ODS). This paper presents many of PROC PRINT's new tricks. Also see related information in this Usage Note.
Add HTMLBlue to Your List of Styles in SAS® Enterprise Guide® »
With SAS 9.3 there is even more capability with ODS statistical graphics: more analytical SAS procedures support the graphs and more features in the specialized graph procedures including SGPLOT. In this post, Chris Hemedinger gives the few simple steps to add HTMLBlue to the style list in SAS Enterprise Guide 4.3.
There are more than 19 SAS TALKS now available on demand. Got a topic that you'd like to learn more about? Send your requests to The live Webinars return on Sept. 22 with "Time Series Data Mining with SAS® Enterprise Miner™," presented by Taiyeong Lee, SAS.
Tips & Techniques
Function-Like Macro Deletes a Data Set From a DATA Step »
This macro uses PROC DATASETS to delete the data set that is passed to the macro. CALL EXECUTE is used to run PROC DATASETS once the data step has executed. (Works with a permanently or temporarily stored data set.) Check out the sample code
Profile a Target Variable »
Cat Truxillo's short video tip will help predictive modelers use segment profile nodes and reduced dimensionality. There are suggestions for further training and related videos.
PLOT and PLOT2 Statements »
It's hot in North Carolina but this week's SAS author's featured tip is really cool. It's from Robert A. Rutledge's book Just Enough SAS: A Quick-Start Guide to SAS for Engineers.
License Renewal »
Getting a new passport can be a bit tricky. Renewing your automobile license can even be a bit frustrating. SAS is trying to make your SAS license renewal process as painless as possible. Take a look at this web page with instructions for applying a SAS license for various versions of SAS.
Webcasts & Events

Aug. 31
San Francisco

NESUG 2011
Sept. 11 – 14
Portland, ME

Sept. 19
Seattle, WA
Sept. 21
Portland, OR
Registration open 

MWSUG 2011
Sept. 25 – 27
Kansas City, KS
Online registration - OPEN

WUSS 2011
Oct. 12-14
San Francisco, CA

SESUG 2011
Oct. 23 – 25
Alexandria, VA
Online registration - OPEN

Analytics 2011
October 24 – 25
Orlando, FL

SCSUG 2011
Nov. 6-8
Fort Worth, TX
Call for papers - OPEN 

SAS Global Forum 2012
April 22-25
Orlando, FL
Call for papers - OPEN 
SAS Users Connecting
Top 10 Most Exciting Features »
Charlie Huang has taken a look at SAS 9.3 and highlighted his favorite 10 features. What are your favs?
An Activity for Every SAS User at MWSUG 2011 »
Read about the exciting line-up of presentations, discussions, workshops, and social activities planned for MWSUG 2011.
CDISC, FDA, Statistics and Networking »
PhUSE, the Pharmaceutical Users Software Exchange, will be holding three single day events - one each in Philadelphia, San Francisco and Raleigh. Take a look at the great ideas they will be sharing and the upcoming speakers.
SAS Resources
FREE eBook »
What's New in #SAS 9.3? is now available FREE in the Kindle Edition on for a limited time!!!
Data Cleaning Techniques »
Clean data is critical to accurate analysis. Author Ron Cody will show you how to detect and correct data errors using DATA step programming and other SAS procedures. Register today and save 10% with our Early Bird or Group discounts.
Offputting Output, Solved »
Miss SAS Answers explains the trick to getting PDF, HTML and RTF output from ODS using the HELPBROWSER SAS system option.
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