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Dear Readers,

Are you involved in a SAS users group? I guess, if I had to describe users groups, I'd say they are like clubs where you get to be with your favorite kind of people, learning your favorite subject and doing your favorite things. What could be better?

Now there is a new way to learn more about what is going on at SAS Users Groups. The SAS Users Groups blog is in full swing with articles from event papers and presentations, announcements about upcoming events and a great new series called Friday's Innovation Inspiration.  

I've also included a post with links to SAS Users Groups events through to the end of 2011. Don't miss a thing.

Waynette Tubbs
Editor, SAS Tech Report
What's New
SAS Service Level Changes »
SAS' Memsy Price says that two recent announcements from SAS remind her a little of a trip to the pumpkin patch in search of the perfect Halloween pumpkin (a fall tradition in the US). In both instances, having the right partner is the key. Her anecdote and information are great – read on.
You Asked for It, You Got It »
The latest discussion forum to be released at is provided for SAS Administrators and focuses on deployment tasks and topics.
All Systems Go with SAS 9.3® »
Paul Holmes, a blogger at, wrote a technical critique of installing and migrating to SAS 9.3. He said things that other customers have told us, "No huge learning curve and the users get to use almost the same clients they were using with SAS 9.2 M3 too." So, I decided to let him - and those he talks to – tell you about the deployment experience.
Analytics 2011 Agenda Now Available (PDF) »
Listen to the brightest minds in analytics share the latest methodologies and research. With two keynotes, 10 featured speakers and 40 breakout talks, there is something for everyone at Analytics 2011.
Tips & Techniques
Using SAS® Enterprise Guide® Automation »
In SAS Enterprise Guide, the Schedule Project task generates a .vbs file that will run your project in batch at the time and interval specified in the Schedule Task. This process, along with the generated .vbs code, is called SAS Enterprise Guide Automation. Check out these examples.
Counting the Number of Missing and Non-Missing Values for Each Variable in a Data Set »
This sample illustrates one method of counting the number of missing and non-missing values for each variable in a data set. Two methods for structuring the resulting data set are shown.
Using the Equivalent of CONTAINS and LIKE in an IF Statement »
The LIKE operator in a WHERE clause matches patterns in words. To get the equivalent result in an IF statement, the '=:' operator can be used. This matches patterns that occur at the beginning of a string.
A Stored Compiled Macro Catalog Created on a 32-bit Machine is Not Compatible With a 64-bit Machine »
If an attempt is made to use a 32-bit catalog on a 64-bit machine, the following error message is issued.
ERROR: File libref.SASMACR.CATALOG was created for a different operating system.
NOTE: The SAS System was unable to open the macro library referenced by the SASMSTORE = libref.
WARNING: Apparent invocation of macro not resolved.
ERROR 180-322: Statement is not valid or it is used out of proper order.
The macro catalog has to be recompiled on the 64-bit machine.
Webcasts & Events

Time Series Data Mining, Clustering and Forecasting with SAS® Enterprise Miner™
On demand

WUSS 2011
Oct. 12-14
San Francisco, CA

SESUG 2011
Oct. 23 – 25
Alexandria, VA
Online registration - OPEN

Analytics 2011
October 24 – 25
Orlando, FL

SCSUG 2011
Nov. 6-8
Fort Worth, TX
Online registration - OPEN 

SAS Global Forum 2012
April 22-25
Orlando, FL
Call for papers - OPEN 
SAS Users Connecting
Helping Students Get the Most From Their First SAS Users Group Conference »
College students are all back in school, and the users group conference schedule is in high swing in the US. Here are a few tips to ensure that students – and all first-timers – get the most from their first conference experience. Add your tips.
Telecommuting Tips for Managers, Telecommuters »
Mary Varughese, Mei Dey and Lisa Pyle from Merck Sharp & Dohme Corporation tackled the topic of telecommuting in their paper Telecommuting SAS®uccessfully for SAS Programmers . Many SAS users work remotely, so these tips will be a big help for managers and employees.
PREMIER takes charge of the Credit CARD Act »
Barry Gay went to the Midwest SAS Users Group Conference for three days the end of September. One of the presentations he attended was given by Rex Pruitt. You'll have to read the post to learn what Gay says both  the Obama Administration and subprime lenders agree on.
Thank You, PNWSUG, for 30 Great Years »
Pacific Northwest SAS Users Group (PNWSUG) hosted its final conference this year after 30 years as a group. Read about the 2011 conference and the group's plans for next year.
SAS ® 9.3 Intelligence Platform Migration Guide »
This book describes the migration process for upgrading your current SAS content and configuration to SAS 9.3 using the SAS Migration Utility and the SAS Deployment Wizard.
Building Business Intelligence Using SAS®: Content Development Examples »
Angela Hall and Patricia Aanderud's book clarifies how each SAS BI solution component can be fully utilized to make dynamic information available to all users. Sign up for the auto-email to alert you when the book is available.
Save on SAS® Enterprise Guide® Training »
Choose one of our SAS Enterprise Guide training bundles and save up to 40% while you master the premier interface to SAS. Beginner and advanced packages include e- Learning and public classroom options!
Attention SAS® Programmers/Analysts: Your Training Paths Are Here
The SAS Programmer/Analyst learning path will guide you through the specific training you need. If you have a different job role, check out the individual SAS learning paths.
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