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Dear Readers,

Now that the flurry of SAS Global Forum 2011 in Las Vegas has started to die down, you can take a little time to catch up on some of the great blog posts, videos and presentations that you missed. Have you seen these?

Here at SAS, the posts are still being written, so keep your eye on the blogs.

Also remember that SAS Global Forum isn't your only chance for great interaction with other users. It's also not the only time of year that you can present or attend great presentations. May is the month when US regional conferences begin – starting with PharmaSUG in Nashville, Tennessee, May 8 -11. There are also many regional SAS Forums that you can attend: Here are just a few: SAS Forum Italia, SAS Forum Oslo, SAS Forum Copenhagen and SAS Forum Madrid. Check your local website to find details about the one closest to you.

Waynette Tubbs
Editor, SAS Tech Report
What's New
Macro Design Automation Tool (MDAT): A Methodology for Storing Macro Design Information, Generating Documentation and Code Templates, and Automating Parameter Validation »
Richard Schneck and Mindy Rodgers devised a systematic method for capturing macro parameters and source data in order to automate user documentation, parameter-validation code, testing documents and a customized template for the macro. (A SAS Global Forum Best Paper in Applications Development) Rogers is with Eli Lilly, in Indianapolis – just a short hop and skip from Kansas, the site of MWSUG from Sept. 25-27.  (Call for papers is open now.)
Fifth Annual Data Miner Survey
Rexer Analytics has asked statistical and data mining software vendors to forward this survey as a courtesy. ( SAS is not a sponsor of the survey.) To participate, click here and enter the access code ( RL3X1) in the space provided. Your responses will be confidential. For a copy of the survey findings, provide your email address at the end of the questionnaire. 
Analytics 2011: Bigger, brighter, better than ever »
SAS kicks off the first installment in its inaugural Analytics 2011 conference series, bringing together the knowledge that you've come to expect from the SAS Data Mining and Business Forecasting conferences. Analytics 2011 will take place Oct. 24-25 in Orlando, Florida.
SAS® Programmers: Give SAS® Enterprise Guide® a Second Look »
SAS Technology Practice team member Anand Chitale has been analyzing how traditional SAS users typically work in the programming world. He's created a demo of the new features to show you some reasons that the newest version is better suited to what programmers have asked for.
Tips & Techniques
Putting the Squeeze on Your SAS Data Sets »
Chris Hemedinger has taken a popular SAS sample program and fitted it for SAS Enterprise Guide. The macro examines each character variable in the data set, and then adjusts the data set to "shrink" the length of each character variable to the optimum size to fit the data. This can result in a significant reduction in the file size.
Including a Total Bar in a Bar Chart in SAS® Web Report Studio »
This sample explains how to create a new data item that represents a total, so that you can create a bar chart with a total bar in SAS Web Report Studio.
Computing a Cumulative Product Across Observations Using PROC FCMP »
Use PROC FCMP to create a subroutine that is a cumulative product of a variable across observations in the SAS data set. User-defined functions and subroutines created by PROC FCMP can be used in the DATA step beginning in SAS 9.2.
Right Mouse Clicking in Stored Process and Portal Web Apps »
Angela Hall, Technical Architect at SAS, gives a great tip for turning on the right mouse click capability in development environment and SAS Portal. This is a great blog to subscribe to if you are a BI user.
Webcasts & Events

Life Science Forum Basel Edition 2011
June 23
Basel, Switzerland

Analytics 2011
October 24 – 25
Orlando, FL

NESUG 2011
Sept. 11 – 14
Portland, ME

Sept. 19
Seattle, WA
Sept. 21
Portland, OR

MWSUG 2011
Sept. 25 – 26
Kansas City, KS
Call for papers – OPEN 

WUSS 2011
Oct. 12-14
San Francisco, CA
Call for papers – OPEN 

SESUG 2011
Oct. 23 – 25
Alexandria, VA
SAS Users Connecting
Have you seen this?
Do you want to be alerted to new technical information? How about when new blog entries are posted to The SAS Dummy, DataFlux or Key Happenings? This page lists RSS feeds for many of the most popular pages on
STAT1 Now Available as e-Course »
Enjoy the convenience and cost savings of training at home or the office with this new e-course, which covers t-tests, ANOVA and linear and logistic regression. The interactive training uses audio, Flash movies and demos to dynamically present the material, while quizzes and practice reinforce your skills.
Credit Risk Modeling Using SAS® »
Learn new and advanced techniques for improved credit risk modeling. Seats are filling quickly for 2011 courses. Register today and save 10% with our Early Bird or Group discounts!
SAS® Architecture for Business Analytics: Configuring for High Availability »
High availability refers to the ability to consistently keep information systems operational and accessible to the organization. This paper discusses best practices for configuring primary and standby environments; explores native SAS options that support high availability; discusses how to use grid technologies to better use existing resources; and includes a section on SAS integration with hardware virtualization technologies. This paper is an introduction to designing, installing and configuring SAS environments to meet high-availability scenarios, and includes a number of reference sources for more information.
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