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Dear Readers,

What a great month! I spent the first week in April with many of you for the 36th annual SAS Global Forum in Las Vegas. Of course, I didn't get to attend as many presentations as I wanted to – who does? If you didn't see all of the presentations that you'd have liked, or if you were stuck at home while we were at the conference studying, you can still get some of the benefits:

SAS Global Forum is not all that happened in April. We'd barely made it home from Vegas when another group trotted off to Chicago for the INFORMS conference. There are several good places to look for articles. Try sas com® voices and Left of the Date Line. You can also follow the conversation on our SAS Analytics Facebook page.


Waynette Tubbs
Editor, SAS Tech Report
What's New
There are more than 15 SAS TALKS now available on demand. Got a topic that you'd like to learn more about? Send your requests to The live Webinars return on May 26, 2011, with Macros Made Easy (and More Efficient) with SAS® Enterprise Guide® 4.2 Prompts, presented by Kenneth Sucher of SAS.
The Top 10 Errors, Notes and Warnings That Prompt DATA Step Programmers to Call SAS Technical Support »
SAS' Kim Wilson understands the pain DATA step programmers feel when a job is delayed by an irritating error or warning. Bookmark her post as a handy reference guide.
While You Were Sleeping, SAS® Was Hard at Work »
Automating and scheduling SAS code to run over night has many advantages, but there are also many pitfalls. Andrea Zimmerman received Honorable Mention in Application Development for her paper that shows you how to make sure you save the log and get email messages at critical points. You'll also get a few other tips for making it all work.
Search Phrases with Arrays and Macros: Public Health Death Surveillance »
Real-time surveillance of data has become an important feature in public health preparedness and response. Death certificate information provides important indicators of a community’s health. Maricopa County Department of Public Health uses SAS macros and arrays to conduct real-time surveillance of death certificates. For more papers like this SAS Global Forum paper, make plans now to attend PharmaSug May 8 -11 in Nashville, TN.
Tips & Techniques
Using Long Macro Variables More Efficiently »
Macro variables created within a program can become very long, and the way that they are stored can affect a program's efficiency. One technique used to store fewer copies of the long macro variable is to use three ampersands through indirect referencing.
Using an External File to Modify Prompt Selections for a Scheduled SAS® Web Report Studio Report »
When you schedule a report, you must specify a value for each prompt in the report. In order to change the prompt values for a scheduled report, you must edit the job by using the Schedule Report wizard. Here, you'll learn to use a prompt file to modify the prompts without using the wizard.
FAQs: Making User-Defined Formats Available in a SAS® Business Intelligence Deployment »
Learn the Creator of a SAS Data Set »
Highlight a Value on a Graph »
This sample illustrates how to highlight a value on a graph generated with the SGPLOT procedure.

PharmaSUG 2011
May 8-11
Nashville, TN
Registration is open!  

NESUG 2011
Sept. 11 – 14
Portland, ME

Sept. 19
Seattle, WA
Sept. 21
Portland, OR

MWSUG 2011
Sept. 25 – 26
Kansas City, KS
Call for papers – OPEN 

WUSS 2011
Oct. 12-14
San Francisco, CA
Call for papers – OPEN 

SESUG 2011
Oct. 23 – 25
Alexandria, VA
SAS Users Connecting
Win with »
Contribute content or SAS code to for your chance to WIN SAS books! To qualify, simply add or edit articles between April 11, 2011, and May 9, 2011 (GMT). Contributing and gaining points also gets you closer to sasCommunity Guru status.
Improving the sasCommunity »
While at SAS Global Forum, Art Carpenter moderated a panel discussion and open session to learn of ways users would like to enhance Read about some of their discussions and comment on things you would like to see.
Are You an Experienced SAS® Programmer? Try SAS® Enterprise Guide® »
Take a SAS Enterprise Guide training course specifically designed for experienced programmers and learn how the new capabilities inside the latest release of the interface can increase your productivity.
SAS® Statistics 1: In the Classroom or Online »
Statistics 1: Introduction to ANOVA, Regression, and Logistic Regression is now available in the popular e-Course format as well as the classroom. The course content is equivalent to classroom courses and features 24/7 access to multimedia training with interactive demos, practices and quizzes.
New to Live Web Classroom »
Attend Exploratory Analysis for Large and Complex Problems and find your data's deepest hidden secrets. Register today for a public course or enjoy the classroom experience right at your desktop: The choice is yours.
What’s So Great About SPANROWS? »
Learn how to use this popular new feature of PROC REPORT.
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