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Dear Readers,

My countdown number might be a little off – depending upon the day that you received your newsletter – but I’m estimating 27 days until SAS Global Forum in Las Vegas. Sunshine, SAS presentations and smiling friends – I can't wait.

There’ll be plenty of the same cool things you’ve come to expect – video blogging (remember last year’s Inside SAS Global Forum series?), the SAS Global Forum Daily News, blogging of presentations and keynotes.

Have you ever talked to the Code Doctors? No?! Well, if you have code problems, you can plan a one-on-one consultation with experts while you are at SAS Global Forum – FREE! The Code Doctors have expertise across a broad range of SAS topics, including Base SAS, macros, report writing, ODS, SQL, SAS® Enterprise Guide® and statistics. Bring your code, processes and logs so that the Code Doctor can examine the symptoms, diagnose the problem and suggest a remedy.

Early registration for SAS Global Forum ends March 28

Waynette Tubbs
Editor, SAS Tech Report
What's New
NESUG’s Hosting a Blog! »
If you are a SAS user located in the Northeastern US, you should check out the NESUG blog to stay up-to-date on conference and group information. Make sure you comment on Mike Molter’s post about his first conference presentation.
Macros Are Helpful – Tips to Avoid Giving Them a Bad Rep »
At the 2010 PharmaSUG conference in Orlando, Deb Cassidy took away the Best Paper award in Industry Basics for her paper about improving macros. There’s still time to register for the 2011 PharmaSUG conference in Nashville, Tennessee.
The Benefits and Value of Modernizing Your SAS® Assets »
"Many organizations are happily using SAS and see no point in changing something that still works," says Marcel Lemahieu, SAS Technology and Business Advisor. "The aim of modernizing your SAS technology is to help your organization get more value out of SAS." Take a look at this white paper and see if there are changes that may benefit your organization.
Top 5 SAS® Programming Best Practices »
Charu Shankar, Technical Training Specialist at SAS, has a great post for beginning programmers and a reminder for those of you with more experience.
Tips & Techniques
Writing Datetime as m/d/y h:m:s AM/PM »
Since the MDYAMPMw.d informat reads the seconds value too, you may want to output a value that includes seconds. PROC FORMAT with the PICTURE statement allows custom formats.
Conditionally Print a LINE Statement in PROC REPORT »
There is no way to conditionally execute a COMPUTE BEFORE or COMPUTE AFTER LINE statement. However, if a text string is used for the LINE statement and the format associated with the text string is 0, then the LINE will not print out.
Working with the Custom Color Palette in SAS® Web Report Studio »
This SAS note shows how the custom palette is used in a bar chart, a line graph and a pie chart.
Create an Output Table that Contains Only Duplicate Rows in SAS® Enterprise Guide® »
Combining and Modifying SAS Data Sets: Examples, Second Edition »
Michele Burlew has revised this popular examples book to include expanded content and new features of SAS software.
Webcasts & Events

Predictive Analytics

March 14-15, San Francisco

Web Development with SAS® by Example
SAS Talks Webinar
March 24

SAS® Global Forum 2011
April 4-7
Las Vegas

PharmaSUG 2011
May 8-11
Nashville, TN
Registration is open!  

NESUG 2011
Sept. 11 – 14
Portland, ME

SESUG 2011
Oct. 23 – 25
Alexandria, VA
SAS Users Connecting
Longest Running SAS-L Thread – Ever? »
In 2006, Michael Raithel challenged SAS users to share things on SAS-L that would be useful to other SAS users. Although criticized somewhat for being slightly unorganized, the thread became the longest running SAS-L thread. It has been collected and indexed for ease of use.
Coders’ corner? »
In 2010, Aaron Augustine's paper  SAS Code Validation: L.E.T.O. Method , won best paper in Coders' Corner. Check out his paper and read the interview with Augustine on the SAS Global Forum blog.
What is bricolage? »
Do you know the Macro Maven? If you've been to a SAS users group meeting on the East Coast or SAS Global Forum in the past few years you'll probably recognize this guy's SAS personality. Read about Ron Fehd on the SAS Global Forum blog and follow all of the SAS Rock Stars posts.
New Course in Grid Computing from SAS »
Get your data faster and more efficiently. Using SAS Client Applications with SAS Grid Manager teaches you how to leverage the grid from a variety of different SAS products and user interfaces.
All Eyes (and Ears) on SAS® Global Forum »
Before you take off for SAS Global Forum in Las Vegas, take a trip to our training page to hear SAS instructor Andy Ravenna's podcast about the event. Save 15% on pre-conference training and certification offerings held from March 31 through April 3 at Caesar's Palace.
SAS® Functions by Example »
Dr. Ron Cody delivers the essential course on SAS functions! Beginning and seasoned SAS users will benefit from this two-day course based on his best-selling book. Register today and save 10% with our early bird or group training discounts.
Point, Click and Save! »
Learn the premier point-and-click interface to SAS® and save up to 40%!  Our SAS® Enterprise Guide® Best Value training packages combine both classroom and e-Learning options
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