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Dear Readers,

Many of you are finalizing your papers for your SAS Global Forum 2011 presentations. Many? I mean there will be more than 400 presentations in Las Vegas during April 4-7! With so much going on, how will decide where to be and when? Check out the Agenda Builder. The SAS Global Forum blog has some great ideas for using it to stay organized while at the conference.

But what if you haven't been approved to go yet? Use the Agenda Builder to help build your case:

  • Build a temporary agenda including presentations you think may be valuable to you, your colleagues and your organization.
  • Create a presentation or Word doc where you've mapped those presentations to complementary SAS training. For instance, if I wanted to attend SAS Web Report Studio: Exploring OLAP Data,given bySherry Patillo and Rick Styll from SAS, I could map it to Creating and Viewing OLAP Cubes, an e-learning course that costs US$365 before discounts or coupons. (These presentations are not a replacement for SAS training, but they do offer great education - especially in an environment so rich in peer support.)
  • Offer to provide a report and department or divisional presentation upon your return.

This exercise may be all it takes to help your superiors see the value of the trip for your organization – both in money saved and the training you'll bring home. Don't forget to show the savings of pre-conference training, too! 

Hurry, though, early bird rates are about to expire! Caesars hotel early bird hotel rates end Feb. 15, and early registration for SAS Global Forum ends Feb. 28.

Waynette Tubbs
Editor, SAS Tech Report
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