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Dear Readers,

During the past two editions of the SAS Tech Report, I’ve asked you to participate in a short reader survey. This will be the last month of the survey. It is a completely anonymous way for you to confirm my thoughts about the types of information that you want and for me to get a feel for how you are using the newsletter and getting your technical information needs met.

I work with a team from around SAS to ensure accurate, relevant and timely content in the SAS Tech Report. Sometimes, the newsletter is spot on and you are extraordinarily happy. But there will surely be times when it misses that mark. The survey is meant as a short checklist to help me find the mark more easily. I’ve written a post on Key Happenings to give you a look at a few of the early responses.

Waynette Tubbs
Editor, SAS Tech Report
What's New
This webinar series features technical presentations by SAS experts who work directly with the software. Register today for a SAS Talks presentation by John Sall, SAS co-founder and Executive Vice President: Visualization of Data and Models.
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Please take a minute to fill out the 2010 SAS Tech Report survey so that we can give this newsletter a tune-up if necessary. I’ve only included four short questions to help me learn more about the content that you need. Thank you for your help!
Connect with Analytics Experts Online – At A Discount
The International Institute for Analytics (IIA) is an online community for professionals in the commercial, government and nonprofit sectors. Explore and contribute to the latest research on marketing, financial and technology topics in a confidential, think-tank environment. Receive a 30% discount on an Individual Membership with this SASCOM30 promo code.
M2010 Approaching! »
Join hundreds of attendees and listen as the brightest minds in analytics share new techniques and trends. Students: Submit your poster abstract for a chance for a free trip to M2010! (Deadline Sept. 1.)
SAS 1-Liners »
At SAS Global Forum 2010, Stephen Hunt’s Coder’s Corner paper and presentation challenged beginning and experienced SAS programmers to look for new ways to accomplish routine SAS programming tasks stylistically. Read his suggestions. SAS Global Forum: Call for Papers is open through Oct. 25.
A Macro to Unravel Macros »
Sarah Woodruff’s SESUG 2009 paper provides a technique that uses the mPrint and mFile options to produce an output file that doesn’t contain any macros, giving you a program that is easier to understand and edit. SESUG 2010 registration ends Aug. 30. 
Tips & Techniques
SAS® Web Report Studio Reports Show When Opened, Saved »
The SAS Web Report Studio Key User Action Log records events such as application use, failed log on attempts, report access and batch report activities. Using SAS Web Report Studio 4.2, this sample explains how to create a report that shows how often specific reports are opened and saved.
Importing Excel File Can Result in Missing Data »
When using SAS/ACCESS® Interface to PC Files software to import an Excel 97 or later file with PROC IMPORT or Import Wizard, column data may be imported as missing. Take a look these fixes.
Graphics Options for RTF Output Using SAS/GRAPH and ODS on Windows OS »
Conditional Execution Using Only a Function »
The IFC function uses conditional logic to select among several different values based on the value of a logical expression. With IFC, you can replace a macro with one line of code. Related: Using Functions SYSFUNC and IFC to Conditionally Execute Statements in Open Code, and SAS Functions by Example, Second Edition.
Webcasts & Events

Data Mining:
Fool's Gold or the Mother Lode?

Aug. 31
11:00 a.m. ET

Analytics 2011
October 24 – 25
Orlando, FL

SESUG 2010
Sept. 26-28
Savannah, GA

SAS® Forum
CH 2010

Sept. 30
Trafohalle Baden, Switzerland

SAS Forum Sweden 2010
Oct. 5
Stockholm, Norra Latin

MWSUG 2010
Oct. 10-12

WUSS 2010
Nov. 3-5
San Diego

SCSUG Educational Forum
Nov 7-9
Austin, TX

NESUG 2010
Nov. 14-17
SAS Users Connecting
SAS Professionals »
The good thing about users’ groups is that they aren’t one-size-fits-all. This online community’s site includes groups, forum discussions, event updates, blog posts and status updates from SAS users.
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There are 6,669 SAS user members of! Without a membership, you can connect with the users or tour the great tips and information. Join today to contribute and collaborate!
SAS Discussion Forums »
When you are looking for answers specific to SAS programs, functions and solutions, many users suggest a first stop at and its 17-topic (and growing) forums. SAS R&D and experienced SAS users are there to help.
New Course Debuts at M2010 »
Build better models for your next marketing campaign with Net Lift Models: Optimizing the Impact of Your Marketing Efforts. This two-day course is offered in Las Vegas, Oct. 27-28, at the M2010 Data Mining Conference.
Getting Started with SAS Office Analytics »
Get the best of both worlds by learning to tap into the analytical power of SAS through the familiar Microsoft Excel interface.
New Data Management Curriculum »
Whether you are responsible for the data architecture, data integration or data quality, SAS offers training for your role. Take a look at our data management job roles.
Statistical Programming in SAS® »
Integrates SAS tools with interesting statistical applications and uses SAS 9.2 as a platform to introduce programming ideas for statistical analysis, data management, and data display and simulation. Includes extensive examples and case studies.
What is optimization and how can it add value? »
Learn the nature and purpose of optimization and the types of optimization problems that can be solved with SAS/OR® software. The paper includes introductory sections on models and the role of data and analytics and then details the use of SAS/OR software.
Look Inside SAS® Forecast Studio »
Download this white paper for a detailed overview of SAS Forecast Studio, a key component of SAS Forecast Server. Learn how SAS Forecast Server speeds statistical forecasting. Follow the process of generating automatic forecasts, viewing results, building models, publishing results, reporting and more.
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