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Dear Readers,

SAS Global Forum 2010 began with the usual exciting announcements and singing fish throwers. (Oh yeah, they were there!) The theme was “What if?” (e.g., “What if you could increase revenue by 66% using your data to make confident, fact-based decisions?”) The standout quote of the conference came during conference chair Lauren Haworth’s opening remarks. She said, “We [SAS users] are the ones in our organizations who turn the what-ifs into meaningful outcomes.”

That says to me that you are true innovators: You take a great product and make it better. That’s one of the reasons we built the Innovation Wall for SAS Global Forum 2010. We wanted to take note of the many ways you have used SAS out of the box. On the outside of the Innovation Wall, the timeline of SAS software was displayed, but the inside was blank except for: What if you could tell your own innovation story? The giant Post-it notes soon stretched three deep around the interior wall.

I wish you could read the buzz of internal blogs and hear the warm chatter of ideas you inspired with your notes on that wall. We couldn’t wait to get back to work!

If you're looking for a little inspiration, check out the SAS Global Forum proceedings. That should be enough to keep you busy for a while.

Waynette Tubbs
Editor, SAS Tech Report
What's New
Join NESUG 2010 Code Clinic »
There’s still time to help with conference, held Nov. 14-17 in Baltimore, by participating in the Code Clinic. You can follow NESUG information on Facebook, LinkedIn, the NESUG blog and the Web.
Don’t Miss the SAS TALKS Webinar Series »
Hear technical presentations from SAS experts in the SAS TALKS Webinar Series. The next live webinar is SAS Formats and the Format Procedure  on May 27 at 1 p.m. ET, featuring Technical Trainer Christine Riddiough. Registration opens May 13.
Fifth Annual Data Miner Survey
Rexer Analytics has asked statistical and data mining software vendors to forward this survey as a courtesy. ( SAS is not a sponsor of the survey.) To participate, click here and enter the access code ( RL3X1) in the space provided. Your responses will be confidential. For a copy of the survey findings, provide your email address at the end of the questionnaire. 
5 Things to Make You a More Organized SAS® Programmer »
While at SAS Global Forum, I attended Jean Balent’s presentation How to Be an Organized SAS Programmer. In the SAS Global Forum Blog Presenters Series, I posted five of her tips for programmers from beginner to advanced to help reduce your stress and increase productivity.
Group Confidence Limit Plots Using PROC GPLOT and PROC SGPLOT »
It is often necessary to create a means plot for each of several subpopulations. An effective way to show significant differences from random variation in each plot is to add confidence limits to each of the mean values. At WUSS 2009, Robert Rutledge showed how to create confidence limit plots, first using PROC GPLOT, and then, more simply, using PROC SGPLOT. WUSS 2010 is Nov. 3-5 in San Diego. Call for papers closes June 7.
Handling Dates in the Macro Facility »
Toby Dunn’s SCSUG 2009 paper demonstrates how to use %Sysevalf and %Sysfunc along with Inputn, Putn, Intck, and Intnx to manipulate Date and Time values in the macro language without the help of a Data _Null_ step. SCSUG 2010 is Nov. 7-9 in Austin, TX.
Tips & Techniques
Video Tip: Inserting Accessibility Information
In this brief video, SAS instructor Cynthia Zender demonstrates how to insert accessibility into your ODS HTML output using the ACCESSIBILITY Option. If you like the tip, you may be interested in attending SAS/GRAPH® 1: Essentials.
SAS/GRAPH® Samples Gallery Has a New Look
The gallery now contains a third column titled Samples by Industries. These samples were created using the Graph Template Language or one of the SAS/GRAPH Statistical Graphics procedures. You can find the SAS/GRAPH samples by industry from a link on the Featured Links page as well.
Create SAS® Client-Only Depots under Windows or UNIX
The SAS 9.2 Depot Subsetting Utility allows you to create a subsetted depot from your master depot. This note contains a list of commonly installed clients and required components, corresponding software codes and approximate depot space requirements. OS: Windows, UNIX.
Using PROC OLAPOPERATE to Close All Sessions for a Particular Cube »
The OLAPOPERATE procedure enables users to list active sessions or queries, determine which sessions have data actively displayed, and enables administrators to terminate sessions using session IDs.

PharmaSUG 2010
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June 7 – 8
Cary, NC
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Life Science Forum Basel Edition 2010
June 23
Basel, Switzerland

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Aug. 12

Analytics 2011
October 24 – 25
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SESUG 2010
Sept. 26-28
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SAS® Forum
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Sept. 30
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SAS Users Connecting
Ways to Improve SAS® Global Forum »
SAS users have been asked for ideas to improve the program and networking events for future SAS Global Forums. Read what others have written and then help with the brainstorming.
Have you seen this?
Do you want to be alerted to new technical information? How about when new blog entries are posted to The SAS Dummy, DataFlux or Key Happenings? This page lists RSS feeds for many of the most popular pages on Has a YouTube Video »
Lainie Hoverstad explains the changes made since 2009 to, the ongoing global community effort created by SAS users for SAS users. Watch the YouTube video, and then go to to experience for yourself!
Go Farther with Training and Certification
If you've taken SAS Programming 1 or 2, don't stop there. Earn a SAS Certified Base Programmer or SAS Certified Advanced Programmer credential with our Best Value certification bundles.
Techniques for Modeling Multilevel Data »
Discover basic and advanced techniques for modeling your data. Multilevel Modeling of Hierarchical and Longitudinal Data Using SAS  can help you identify complex and dynamic relations within multilevel data to inform a variety of decision-making needs.
July-December Training Schedule Available »
Go ahead, plan for the rest of 2010! Instructor-based, Live Web classroom and Business Knowledge Series courses are scheduled through December.
Tech Resources
New book by Ron Cody »
Fully updated for SAS 9.2, Ron Cody's SAS Functions by Example, Second Edition, is great for anyone who programs in Base SAS. This reference includes more than 200 functions, including new character, date and time, probability and special functions. (Here’s a sample chapter.)
Statistical Graphics in SAS® »
Author Warren F. Kuhfeld has written this comprehensive introduction to the Graph Template Language and Statistical Graphics procedures, two aspects of ODS Graphics, for those interested in statistical graphics.
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