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Dear Readers,

Now that Windows 7 is generally available, some SAS users may wonder what support SAS will offer. At SAS, we realize that the new Windows 7 technology will give you an improved interface and functionality, and we are as excited as you about the new interface. As a responsible software vendor, we will properly verify that this new platform is a reliable environment for all of our users. SAS’ support of Microsoft Windows 7 will begin with SAS 9.2 and will progress in phases. The full details of SAS’ planned support of the Microsoft Windows 7 operating environment can be found here.

Waynette Tubbs
Editor, SAS Tech Report
What's New
Bring the Future into Focus at SAS® Global Forum »
Michael Smith, co-author of the SAS Global Forum blog, says one way to be heard and be a part of the future is to make plans to take part in the focus groups at SAS Global Forum.
SAS® Enterprise Guide® Keeps the Spark Alive »
Ask SAS programmers to switch to SAS Enterprise Guide and some might say they’re married to the SAS Display Manager. But Robert Springborn says it’s the jazz in SAS Enterprise Guide that keeps his SAS marriage happy. Read how.
R&D Analytical Staff Talk About Their Role at SAS Global Forum »
Members of the Advanced Analytics division recently met to discuss their participation in the upcoming SAS Global Forum in Seattle. Read about what the conference means to them and what they will be presenting.
Multiple Graphical, Tabular Reports on One Page: Multiple Ways to Do It »
PharmaSUG 2010 is just a few weeks away: May 23-26 in Orlando, FL. If you’re still trying to decide if you should attend, take a look at this 2009 Best Paper in Technical Techniques. Niraj J. Pandya shows how to use the features of ODS and SAS®9 to get multiple graphs, charts, maps, listings and tables on a single page.
Don't Be Loopy: Re-Sampling and Simulation the SAS® Way »
Call for Papers for WUSS 2010 will open April 26. You’ll have six weeks to get your abstract submitted. Do a good job so that you may be one of the Best Paper winners – just as David L. Cassell was in 2009. His paper, in the Analytics and Statistics section, shows a simple way to perform bootstrapping, jackknifing, cross-validation, and simulations from established populations.
Tips & Techniques
Training Tip: Creating a Table of Contents Using the CONTENTS Option
In this brief video, SAS instructor Cynthia Zender demonstrates how to create a table of contents using the CONTENTS option with ODS RTF and ODS PDF destinations. If you like the tip, you may be interested in attending SAS Report Writing 1: Using Procedures and ODS.
ODS Tip Sheets »
If you work with SAS ODS (Output Delivery System), bookmark this page. It’s the end-all for a variety of useful information related to ODS.
SAS Informats Corresponding to COBOL Data Descriptions »
This SAS Note contains a table showing how COBOL PICTURE and USAGE correspond to SAS informats.
Creating an AUTOCALL MACRO Library on a PC »
An AUTOCALL library on the PC is a directory containing non-compiled MACRO code. The directory does not need to be in a specific location or have a specific name. However, the MACRO code stored in the directory must be stored in a file with the same name as the MACRO, and have a .sas extension.
Performing a Table Lookup Using the Query Builder in SAS® Enterprise Guide® »
Occasionally, you might want to perform a table lookup in SAS Enterprise Guide. This sample explains how to perform a lookup on a range of dates to determine how many workdays are in the range.
Events & Webcasts

SAS Talks Technical
On demand

PharmaSUG 2010
May 23-26

June 7 – 8
Cary, NC
Tweet with hashtag #SASF2010

SESUG 2010
Sept. 26-28
Savannah, GA

MWSUG 2010
Oct. 10-12

Oct. 25-26
Caesars Palace, Las Vegas

WUSS 2010
Nov. 3-5
San Diego

SCSUG Educational Forum
Nov 7-9
Austin, TX

NESUG 2010
Nov. 14-17
Pre-Conference Training Discount »
Attending SAS Global Forum? Arrive early for pre-conference SAS training courses and certification exams and take advantage of our 20% discount.
New SAS® Enterprise Miner™ e-Course »
Learn with the engaging and dynamic format that brings you training via audio and flash movies. This training, which is equivalent to the instructor-based courses, includes many interactive features including demos, practices and quizzes.
Open Call for Course Abstracts
Do you have skills in risk, forecasting or other advanced topics? We’d like to work with you to develop a course with our popular SAS Business Knowledge Series. SAS Education is now accepting abstracts for 2010-2011.
SAS for Dummies, Second Edition »
This easy-to-follow guide is fully updated for the latest release of SAS and covers just what you need to put this popular software to work in your business. SAS allows any business or enterprise to improve data delivery, analysis, reporting, movement across a company, data mining, forecasting, statistical analysis, and more.
SAS Users Connecting
Your Influence Is Stronger than You Think »
Stacy Hobson, the new Director of Customer Loyalty at SAS, guest posted on Key Happenings blog this week. He will be hosting a Meetup (formerly known as a BOF) at SAS Global Forum to learn the content users want and need from Don’t wait for SAS Global Forum; tell him on Key Happenings blog today. »
Have you been looking for blogs that are related to SAS software? Are you a blogger who writes about SAS software? Here’s the perfect match: is a collection of Weblog entries by members of the SAS community. You can nominate blogs, too.
It’s time for another look at There have been many updates in the past year including a blog page called Planet, SGF Connect Online, Tip of the Day, @sasCommunity Twitter ID and an Employment Opportunity Registry.
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