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Dear Readers,

Today is the first day of Predictive Analytics World (PAW) in San Francisco. I hope you’re there and your day is packed with presentations of the brightest minds talking about advanced predictive analytic methods including uplift modeling (net lift), text analytics, massively parallel analytics and in-cloud deployment. If you’re not there, I should tell you that SAS is launching SAS Text Analytics.

SAS is shipping SAS Sentiment Analysis, SAS Content Categorization, SAS Ontology Management and SAS Text Miner (SAS Text Miner 4.2 is now available). All draw on Teragram’s natural language processing and linguistic technologies. This suite gives a more complete picture of the insights hidden in the text.

If you miss Manya Mayes’ lab at PAW, Predictive analytics and text - what the "experts" haven't told you, look for her demo at SAS Global Forum.

Waynette Tubbs
Editor, SAS Tech Report
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