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Dear Readers,

Auld lang syne: Loosely translated, this old Scottish folk term can mean for old times sake. Around this time of year, I get a little nostalgic and reminisce about the past year. I hope you had the opportunity to attend a SAS user conference this year. I had the privilege to attend three. The conferences are  educational and good for your SAS soul: You meet old friends and make new ones who speak your language and understand your interests. What could be better?

Renee Harper was invited to SCSUG to present  Discovering the Road Less Traveled to SAS Information: A Guide for Your Journey , a great paper about searching for information on SAS. While there, as always, she made new friends and learned more about SAS. Read A Regional Love Affair to get a taste of Texas and SCSUG 2010.

A month later, I traveled to Baltimore, MD, for NESUG. What a beautiful place! I had a great time catching up with SAS friends and meeting SAS users I’d only met online. I also met many great presenters and had the opportunity to write about a few of their papers. Read how Ward Thomas stops customer attrition with logistic regression modeling and get some tips for using social media. You can find more articles in the coming weeks under the category Regional Conferences.  

You can now find all of this year's US regional conference papers online.

Waynette Tubbs
Editor, SAS Tech Report
What's New
SAS Data and Macros on iPhone »
In Sy Truong’s SAS Global Forum 2010 paper, he refutes the idea that serious computing can’t be done on a smartphone. He compares that idea to one some years ago between mainframes and the IBM PC; his offers several serious business applications for the iPhone. Don’t miss out on future presentations like his. Make your reservations for SAS Global Forum 2011, now!
Keep Track of That »
David Biesack, author of the Peer Revue blog and a member of SAS' Advanced Computing Lab, gives an inside look at SAS' bug tracking: A great story for SAS users.
Statistical Analysis for Better-Tasting Wine »
In this video, M2010 Data Mining Conference keynote speaker, Dr. Simon Sheather compares classification trees and logistic regression and discusses situations in which logistic regression is expected to outperform classification trees and vice versa.
SAS Talks Features Angela Hall »
SAS Technical Architect Angela Hall will explain how to implement performance-improving mechanisms on your SAS system using SQL pass-through functionality.
Tips & Techniques
Creating Cascading Prompted Filters in SAS® Web Report Studio »
Cascading prompted filters provide different filter choices depending on a previously selected filter value. This sample shows you how to create cascading prompted filters. The sample data source is the SASHELP.PRDSALE table, which is shipped with SAS
Replace Multiple INDEX Functions with PRXMATCH »
If you need to search a character variable for multiple different substrings, the conventional method is to link several INDEX function calls together with OR conditions. The PRXMATCH function (Perl Regular Expressions Match) can do it all in a single call.
Retrieve the Number of Words in a Macro Variable »
This sample uses a macro to count the number of words contained in a macro variable. The macro is using a space as the delimiter.
The REPORT Procedure: Getting Started with the Basics »
This paper introduces PROC REPORT to those with little experience with PROC REPORT. This powerful procedural tool offers more reporting options than the graphical interface of SAS® Web Report Studio, and its results can be packaged as a stored process.
Technical Resources
Statistical Programming in SAS® »
Integrates SAS tools with interesting statistical applications and uses SAS 9.2 as a platform to introduce programming ideas for statistical analysis, data management, and data display and simulation. The book includes extensive examples and case studies to present a well-structured introduction to programming issues.
Webcasts & Events

SAS® Global Forum 2011
April 4-7
Las Vegas

PharmaSUG 2011
May 8-11
Nashville, TN

Analytics 101
On demand
SAS Users Connecting
Learning to Use Social Media
A question many users ask me is “How can I get started in social media?” First, subscribe to the Conversations and Connections blog. Next, read the Four-step plan for getting started with social media.
Introducing Our SASonality »
Do you know a SAS presenter with SASonality? Someone other users should know more about? I'm writing about those types in the SAS Global Forum blog. Read about Don Henderson and then tell me about others with SASonality.
Your Million and One Uses of SAS »
It seems that every interesting SAS user has an exciting new way that he or she has used SAS. Some colleagues and I have an idea of how to put some of those really crazy, wacky or cool stories on Read this post to learn more!
SAS® Training for Analytics »
Experience more "aha" moments by uncovering insights in your data. Attend instructor-led training or we'll bring the instructor right to your desktop with our Live Web and e-Learning courses.
Meeting Old Problems with New Solutions »
Read what the director of SAS statistical training says about trends he's witnessed over the years, the most common mistakes people make and the most interesting challenges he's faced.
Is It Random or Repeated?
SAS Statistical Training Specialist Cat Truxillo answered this student question via The SAS Training Post: “Does it make sense to look at repeated measures (multiple treatments) in the same way as repeated measures (over time)? Is the model essentially the same?” Read her answer.
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