Forecasting for SAP APO

SAS® Forecasting for SAP APO

Enhance SAP demand planning with the rich forecasting capabilities of SAS® software

SAS Forecasting for SAP APO provides organizations ideal demand forecasting and planning by combining superior SAS forecasting with the strength of SAP Advanced Planning & Optimization (SAP APO) planning capabilities.

By seamlessly integrating SAS’ award-winning analytics with the SAP APO Demand Planning module, the solution helps you enrich your demand planning process with powerful, yet easy-to-use forecasting functionality, thus transforming your organization from one that simply reacts to one that is proactive.

SAS Forecasting for SAP APO enables an easier assessment and improvement of forecasting results for companies that have implemented SAP APO for Supply Chain Management. Whereas most companies only define demand profiles and forecasting algorithms in the initial implementation, with SAS, you can define them continually throughout the product and market life cycles, simplifying and continuously improving the forecasting process – leading to sustained success.

Frode Huse Gjendem
Senior Executive, Supply Chain Practice


Improve your statistical forecasting performance and accuracy.

The patented SAS Forecast Server engine has a complete array of advanced forecasting methods, including exponential smoothing, Winter's, ARIMA, ARIMAX, UCM and dynamic regression, to model and forecast all products across an organization's product portfolio. SAS can integrate consumer demand (pull), model and forecast it automatically using award-winning data access tools.

Reduce finished-goods inventory levels and stock-outs.

SAS provides forecasts that reflect the realities of the business, improving your ability to forecast and plan future events with confidence. As a result, safety stock levels can be tightened along with on-hand finished goods inventory – adding more efficiencies to the overall supply chain. Also, stock-outs (or back orders) are reduced as the right products are produced at the right time and stocked at the right locations.

Integrate forecasting capability and planning components.

SAS' solution seamlessly integrates with the SAP APO Demand Planning module so that SAP users can invoke SAS Forecast Server without leaving the SAP interface, providing the best scenario possible – superior SAS forecasting and strong SAP-APO planning capabilities. SAS Forecasting for SAP APO provides a pull-down menu from inside of the SAP APO Demand Planning GUI, allowing users to generate a statistical forecast using the SAS Forecast Server in the background.



Forecasting for SAP APO
  • Large-scale, automated, statistical forecast model selection and optimization.
  • Complete model repository with a full range of forecasting methods.
  • What-if analysis and scenario planning.
  • Event modeling for sales promotions, marketing events and other external events.
  • Comprehensive reporting environment for planners.

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