SAS® Financial Crimes Suite

Launch a unified defense against financial crimes

Uncover suspicious financial activity more efficiently than ever with a common analytics platform and module-based solutions for customer due diligence, anti-money laundering and enterprise case management. Detect changes in a customer’s risk profile faster and more accurately. Get a complete view of threats across your institution. And streamline your monitoring, review and investigation processes.


Better understand your overall exposure.

Develop comprehensive, cross-channel customer risk profiles using entity link analysis to identify complex patterns of behavior and suspicious associations among customers, accounts or other entities.

Fight financial crime more effectively and efficiently.

Monitor more transactions and risks in less time with a system that integrates anti-fraud and anti-money laundering processes, and can run multiple scenarios and risk factors simultaneously.

Reduce false positives by up to 76%.

Only SAS uses predictive alert analytics to significantly reduce false positives by automating decisions and scoring risk to more accurately identify the greatest threats before beginning an investigation.

Foster collaboration among fraud and AML teams.

Centralized case management, a common repository for cross-channel data and shared workflow tools facilitate information sharing while reducing administrative costs.

Integrated Solutions


  • Superior detection methods.
    • A hybrid analytic approach uses multiple analytic techniques for greater accuracy and better predictive performance.
    • Entity link analysis uncovers associative behavior or common ownership across related parties.
    • Correspondent banking scenarios are included in the financial services-specific data model.
    • Peer group anomaly detection compares an entity’s behavior to its historical behavior, as well as the behavior of its peers.
    • Customer due diligence capabilities rate new customers and update existing customer scores as needed.
  • High-performance analytics. Supercharged scenario tuning and what-if analysis reduce the time needed for analyses from hours to just minutes.
  • Enterprise data management. An enterprise approach to data management and consolidation combines data integration, data quality and master data management in a unified environment.
  • Flexible alert management. A customizable interface assembles alerts from multiple monitoring systems, associates them with common entities, and automatically prioritizes and routes suspicious cases.
  • Centralized case management. Create multiple automated workflows for different types of cases – fraud, money laundering, etc.

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