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How Automotive Manufacturers & Suppliers Use SAS®

Derive new sources of revenue, make better decisions about your internal operations and discover inventive ways to better serve customers. By merging advanced streaming analytics with IoT data, you can make faster, better-informed decisions for and about connected vehicle and mobility strategies.  

Gain valuable insights by collecting customer data in real time, across every channel. Analyze the information and use it to improve responsiveness, make relevant offers, and use sales and marketing resources more efficiently.  

Access and aggregate credit data across disparate systems and resources to make well-informed lending decisions. Precisely forecast, measure, monitor and report on potential credit risk exposures to generate higher revenues, fewer delinquencies and an optimized risk portfolio.  

Discover how manufacturing analytics powers the IoT for connected vehicles.

With connected vehicles generating more than 25 GB of data every hour, analytics is essential for turning that data from insights into action.  

Featured Customer | American Honda Motor Co., Inc.

American Honda uses SAS to improve warranty claims and forecast usage for parts and services.  

Before SAS, it took one of our staff members one week out of each month to aggregate and report warranty data within Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. Now, with SAS, we populate those same reports on an easily accessible online dashboard automatically, and we recovered a week of manpower that we could put on other projects. Kendrick Kau Assistant Manager, Advanced Analytics Group

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