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Natural Language Queries

Teragram Natural Language Queries analyzes search queries that use normal English language and converts them to keyword queries. Using Teragram advanced natural language analysis technologies, natural language queries increase the precision and efficiency of traditional search engines. Teragram Natural Language Queries is available in all major European and Asian languages.

Linguistic Search
Teragram provides state-of-the-art linguistic search and indexing tools that enable the immediate retrieval of any piece of information from any kind of textual data. In combination with other tools, such as TeraSpell™, indexed textual databases can be accessed phonetically and without concern for spelling variations or spelling mistakes. For example, you can access data associated with Kaddafi regardless of the precise spelling simply by typing Qadhafi, Kaddafi, Qaddafi, Khadafy, or even Caddafi. You can retrieve information about kangaroos by typing kangaroo, kangooroo, or even canguru. Only Teragram provides the deep linguistic power to return what the user means, going beyond the typed query. The difference will be inescapable; with Teragram, the information is found, and without Teragram, it is not.