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Hashing and Compression

Teragram offers Hashing and Text Compression Solutions meeting today's informational needs.

Teragram offers advanced solutions for the repeatable association of information with any kind of string (words, phrases, nouns, fragments, etc.) This capability, known as hashing, can be easily integrated into your own software development. Teragram Hashing is particularly adept at very large information sets, searching tens of millions of patterns simultaneously within unconstrained text.

Text Compression
The ever-expanding size of text available online today, in its multitude of forms, makes it crucial to represent data as compactly as possible. Teragram's technology allows the effective compression of any kind of textual data. Depending on the situation, our compression techniques enable you to reach compression ratios up to 40 times better than other tools (such as gzip) permit. In addition, we pride ourselves on a very high data compression speed, plus access to particular information within high volumes of compressed data, without the cost of a complete decompression.


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