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Dictionary Builder and Classifier

Teragram Dictionary Builder goes beyond what is essential to all applications; it will store and retrieve any number of information pairs easily and efficiently, while it produces an efficient data structure that performs simultaneous matches. Teragram Dictionary Builder consists of a compiler and a run-time library that acts as a classifier. Millions of customer-provided data mappings are stored in an incredibly small space along with their information and processed in parallel with extreme speed to respond to any user query. These information pairs point directly to whatever information is associated. The Teragram Solution combines information scalability with extremely fast processing and data association.

Applications include:

  • Send incoming queries to narrowed and specialized search domains
  • Identify key inputs to recommend products and target advertisements
  • Deliver news to accumulated user profiles
  • Perform quick spell corrections and abbreviation expansions
  • Recognize phrases
  • Enrich queries with customized synonym lists
  • Catch critical vocabulary to filter or route sensitive material
  • Offer unparalleled pattern matching to expedite navigation
  • Continually update user-response systems with your latest statistical collections

With Teragram Classification in action, you can deliver and sell more, faster and better. A typical deployment includes an internet search engine like Yahoo web-searching portal, where hundreds of millions of searches every day are being transparently groomed and routed by Teragram's software, to offer greater precision in searching, advertising, related matches, and product suggestions. Thanks to our software, each and every user query is being automatically checked against tens of millions of compiled phrases, with no loss of response.