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SAS® Enterprise BI Server

Simplify and speed business intelligence deployment.

Tired of trying to provide data, analyses and reporting capabilities to different users? This comprehensive BI software integrates the power of SAS, role-based interfaces and Microsoft Office so everyone can make fact-based decisions.


Be a driver for success.

IT managers deploying SAS Enterprise BI Server can make use of previous investments, integrate BI capabilities quickly into existing environments and get decision makers the information they need. When they need it. This, with the added benefit of freeing resources from tedious tasks to focus on more strategic projects, ensures that IT is a driving force behind organizational success.

Consolidate vendors.

Managers looking for dashboards. Groups wanting to view or build reports from a web-based solution. Analysts needing advanced data exploration. IT staffs deploying, managing and maintaining enterprise solutions. A wide breadth of BI capabilities meets the needs of all types of users. You eliminate the need to maintain multiple BI solutions and the headaches of constantly integrating different technologies.

Get consistent data and reliable results.

Centrally managed data, business rules, security and shared metadata produce consistent information. Reliable results that can be easily traced back to the source. Using consistent and constantly updated information alleviates the unpleasant and repetitive task of validating which reports or results are correct. Everyone uses the latest view of centralized data, so everything stays in sync.

Access SAS® from Microsoft Office.

Business users love to use Excel. Why not let them? Give your business users access to SAS Analytics and business intelligence from within their Microsoft Office applications. So it's easy for them to get the data they need, perform queries and analysis, and create reports. They can also use familiar Microsoft Office functionality to distribute results to others.


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SAS Enterprise BI Server shown on laptop
  • Portal and customizable dashboards.
  • Business visualization.
  • Web and desktop reporting.
  • Mobile business intelligence.
  • Microsoft Office integration.
  • Query and analysis.
  • OLAP storage and data exploration.
  • Business metadata management.
  • Flexible deployment options.
  • Guided analysis and model development.
  • Applications development.
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