SAS® Fraud Framework for Government

Proactively prevent fraud, waste, abuse and improper payments

Government agencies face enormous challenges in attempting to prevent improper payments caused by fraud, waste and abuse. Fraud also takes a hefty toll on government programs themselves, which are subject to budget cuts, inadequate and reduced program funding, possible review by the Inspector General and possible congressional or legislative hearings. The SAS Fraud Framework for Government can help agencies at all levels of government wage a war against misuse of government funds.


Improve the quality and usefulness of your data.

A single version of the truth, along with sophisticated data matching and standardization routines, reach across multiple platforms, enabling critical decisions to be made more efficiently and with less risk. Embedded data quality techniques enable you to standardize and augment data while identifying duplicate names, addresses and other identifying information.

Improve audit and investigation effectiveness.

Proactively uncover hidden fraud patterns with advanced analytical capabilities. Reduce false positives, maximize recovery and strengthen prosecution while reducing processing times and recovery costs. You can dentify fraudulent claims before they are paid, and prioritize cases for investigation. Rapidly detect new fraud schemes before they cause problems.

Monitor program effectiveness.

Monitor key performance metrics to determine program effectiveness and efficiency. You can easily define metrics in a dashboard environment and monitor activities and threats proactively, in an effort to curtail fraud. In addition, you can identify sources of organizational failure and isolate best practices that lead to success.

The system analyzes social networks to determine if individuals are likely to commit fraud. Social network analysis also helps identify collusive fraud rings companion cases. The bottom line: more than $6.8 million in savings.

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