Learning Formats

With SAS® training you get to choose what you learn – and how you learn it. Find a format that suits your style.

Private Training for Business

Arrange for training at your location – or ours – for an individualized learning experience. We'll help you onboard new hires or train your entire group.

Mentoring for Business

Whether you use mentoring as a supplement to SAS Private Training or as its own learning strategy, our program delivers personalized attention and feedback.

Watch SAS Tutorials on YouTube

Sure, you could watch cat videos. Or you could watch SAS tutorials and take charge of your future. The how-tos are taught by some of our top trainers and can help you master skills that matter. (And if you like what you see? Be sure to subscribe.)

Satisfaction guaranteed.

If you're not satisfied with your training experience, we'll offer you another class or refund your initial course fee.

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Still not sure? Find answers to questions or get details on registration policies.

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